As the name implies, the double-door hot air food drying oven has two doors and incorporates a massive drying capability. ‘Drying oven manufacturers India ‘clarifies that a double door food drying oven is additional economical than a tiny low single door hot air food oven.

Mutually of the overall drying equipment, double door food drying machine adopts hot air circulation with warm temperature resistance axial flow fan and automatic temperature system.

Features of hot air circulated food drying oven

  • Use of forced ventilation impact equipped with adjustable air distributing plate and uniform drying.
  • The heat supply is often from steam and electricity. Scrutiny these two heating drying oven manufacturers India, recommend electricity heating means which is more convenient and secure than the heat means.

Working principle of food drying oven

it’s circulated back to the bottom by an addict put in within the chamber, and hence the optimum quantity of energy is achieved step by step within a hot air oven.

The hot air from the body of water supplements heat that discharges from the exhaust vent, perpetually additional hot air and continuously discharging hot and wet air. As a result, a double doo hot air food drying oven will maintain applicable humidity and reduce the temperature distinction within the cupboard. So the material drying method may well be in a sensible state.

This ‘drying oven manufacturers India’s double door food drying oven is the skilled machine to get rid of moisture in food as quickly as attainable at a temperature that doesn’t seriously affect the food’s flavor, texture, and color.

Moreover, our hot air drying oven belongs to the SYN-GX hot air circulation drying oven, which supports the multiple modifications natural action GX series.

The double door hot air food drying oven by ‘drying oven manufacturers India’ featured an axial flow fan, automatic constant temperature system, and equipped a pc system of choice.

There are three kinds of hot air circulation machines :

  • double door hot air oven
  • double door circulation drying oven
  • huge hot air appliance machine.

The double-door hot air food drying oven is completely different from the only door and double-door hot air drying machines.

A massive hot air drying oven has additional baking vehicles suitable for large-scale material drying production.

♦      Reliable and safe operation because of forced ventilation impact, during which there’s associate adjustable wind board.

♦      Air body of water is supplied with an extremely economical filter, and also the exhaust event is supplied with a medium economical filter.

♦      Drying receptacle made from stainless-steel, straightforward moving, sturdy and convenient to wash.

♦      it produces low noise, is a reliable and safe operation, temperature-controlled, straightforward installation and maintenance.

♦      Baking timer per batch: 4-6 hours per batch consistent with completely different materials.

♦      Wide application: a spread of materials are often dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, etc.

Most hot air is circulated within the oven so that heat potency is high and the energy is saved. There are adjustable air distribution plates within the double door hot air food drying. By exploiting the forced ventilation operation, the materials are often dried uniformly.

The heating supply may well be steam and electricity. It’s flexible drying instrumentation that may be used for drying numerous materials. When You utilize the drying machine, ‘drying oven manufacturers India’ suggests to notice the following tips:

  1. When the machine starts to figure, microorganisms might survive and even grow before the food is sufficiently dried if the temperature is just too low within the starting. If the temperature is just too high and the humidness too low, the food might harden on the surface, making it tougher for wet to flee, and also, the food doesn’t dry properly. Therefore within the drying method, you ought to concentrate on the temperature.
  2. There is sufficient space among materials on trays to have a homogenous distribution of warmth.

The double-door hot air food drying oven is the perfect instrumentation for baking cookies, bread, and cakes. Its characteristics are:

  • Uniform hearth cooking that isn’t like that of standard ovens
  • High-efficiency energy-saving technology makes the energy additional used.

The hot air food drying oven adopts foreign elements that build it to keep sensible protection and warmth preservation performance that will cut back heat loss. The daylight lighting can observe the baking hearth of food in time through the chamber door glass.

The double door hot air drying oven combines hot air convection, hot air circulation, and slow rotation of the streetcar.

All elements of the food are equally heated. The water spray humidification device ensures that the food within the chamber meets the quality humidness and is equally cured through an exact temperature and time. The timing alarm operates to manage the baking time, therefore, cut back temperature fluctuation. The double door hot air oven supports the below facts:

1)     Some double door hot air food drying ovens adopt foreign elements, an affordable instrumentation structure, and easy and reliable operation.

2)     Special air passage style ensures sufficient hot air convection and uniform temperature distribution within the chamber.

3)     One person operates one machine, high baking potency, high productivity, saving time


  • Double door hot air food drying ovens are appropriate for pharmaceutical, chemical foodstuff, and light-weight industries. It is often utilized in beating and drying raw materials, ancient Chinese medicines, powder, granules, vegetables, etc.
  • Air circulation oven tailored for curing ink and drying pain corporations. it’s wide utilized in the precise drying of lepton elements, electroplated merchandise, plastics, metals, PC boards, glass building materials, etc.


The article explains the mechanism and functioning of a hot air food drying oven. It’s a virtual machine within the food process trade to see the quality and sturdiness of foodstuff. Hope drying oven manufacturers India useful in increasing your information regarding double door hot air food drying oven and should be useful in your future.