There is a misconception that the best corporate secretary is a beautiful girl who only does what she prepares for the coffee boss and leads visitors to him. In fact, the responsibilities of the secretary are much broader and more diverse and are as follows:

  1. Receiving phone calls, forwarding them to other departments.
  2. Acceptance of applications.
  3. Keeping logs of input and output documentation.
  4. Reception of visitors.
  5. Planning the agenda of the chief, reminding him of important meetings.
  6. Organization of operational meetings, secular receptions.

In order to work as a company secretary, you must have the following qualities:


Advantages of the profession

  • The secretary is the right hand of the head, he is closest to the management and therefore is always aware of the affairs taking place at the enterprise. The advantages of the profession are not limited to this. These also include:
  • As the beginning of a career the secretary – an ideal position because skills of work with clients and employees on work are got, skills of organizational work expand, office work is studied.
  • Because the secretary is the face of the company, the person holding the position can make useful acquaintances, which can further help build a career.
  • The position does not require special education, so even as a technologist, in the absence of other job options, you can get a job as a company secretary. Fortunately, the profession is always in demand, so you can easily find a suitable option for yourself with a good salary.
  • Working as a secretary does not involve business trips and is not very burdensome, so you can study at the same time and get a second higher education.
  • The position involves working with all employees of the enterprise, the secretary is easier to advance in the service of the enterprise. As soon as a vacancy appears in one of the departments, with the appropriate education, the secretary can get a raise.

Disadvantages of the profession

There are many advantages to the position, but not all people are suitable for this job due to its specifics. The disadvantages of the profession include:

  • The company secretary has no right to be late, as the authorities cannot do without his help. There are also difficulties in saying goodbye earlier, because if there is a possibility of replacement in departments where several employees work, then no one can replace the secretary.
  • Work in this position is monotonous and tedious, so it can get bored very quickly, especially if an ambitious and purposeful person has settled in this position.

In Summary

Each profession has its disadvantages and advantages, so choosing a specialty, you need to study its specifics. At first glance, it seems that working as a company secretary is easy, but along with making coffee and preparing documents, the profession requires a person to stress and diplomacy, as visitors who come to the reception come for various reasons, someone to solve current issues, someone to complain, and law enforcement agencies or the prosecutor’s office may come with a search. So, you need to be prepared for everything.