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Why You Should Invest in 14K Gold Chains & Necklaces for Women?

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Do you love jewelry? You may already have a gold piece in your collection or might be planning to buy one soon. Gold is by far the most popular matter when it comes to choosing jewelry. The history of gold dates back to 4000 BC, And it was considered a timeless beauty of elegance for a long while now. In fact, the most important consideration while buying any gold jewelry is its weight which is measured in karats. The gold is made of different weights, and today we advocate why women should begin investing in 14K Gold chain & necklaces for women. The truth is the higher the value of karat, the more beautiful the gold. However, the higher the value of gold in terms of karat, the softer it is. Gold needs to be tinkered with different metals in order to get the perfect composition to make it durable for a long while. In the market today, you can find gold categorized and classified anywhere between 10k gold and 24k gold. 


A brief overview of 14 K Gold jewelry

Essentially 14 K gold is an alloy that consists of about 58.3% of pure gold and the other 41.7% of durable metals such as zinc, copper, and nickel. With the presence of these durable metals, pure gold is made stronger and perfected for jewelry and accessory creations. If you’re looking for a long-lasting women’s fashion necklace such as a star necklace or pendants, your rings, engagement rings, eternity bands, and other fine jewelry-you may want to opt for 14K Gold to be your first choice rather than 24 k gold.


Why choose 14 K Gold chains necklaces for Women? 

  • Comes in a wide range of colors

Many gold accessories are available in the market today, made of 14 K Gold. Come in more variety of colors than the standard gold yellow, and therefore 14 K Gold should be considered as you can buy them in a variety of different colors during the next purchase. 

  • 14 k yellow gold

Although yellow is one of the most popular options when it comes to beautiful jewelry accessories, by using 14k yellow gold, which has a softer yellow tinge as compared to pure gold, looks beautiful and is an ideal setting for any wedding or engagement rings. It also works well for any vintage style jewelry and is easier to maintain while blending perfectly with other gems such as diamonds. 

  • 14 k white gold

Another really popular metal used for making jewelry is the 14 K white gold. This alloy contains silvery material such as palladium, nickel, or rhodium, along with gold itself. This mixture gives it a clean, crispy white color. In fact, most of them have a plating of rhodium that gives it its luster. Far more popular than yellow gold while being an affordable alternative to platinum itself. It works best on both kinds of skin tones but fair and rosy, and complements the use of diamonds better than yellow gold.


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