custom engagement rings
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Gone are the days when every man proposed his woman of dreams with a similar diamond stone. Modern women already own a range of diamond rings, and surprising them with a usual stone may not be that impressive. Your love may be expecting something different and flattering on her wedding day. 

If you are planning to propose to her, you should know what can excite your partner. Going straightforward for a simple diamond is not a wise decision. Thankfully jewelry stores nowadays have custom engagement rings matching your needs. These rings are a perfect choice to make a deep impression on your partner. Custom engagement rings can show your gestures and make them realize your efforts. 

If you want to bring your partner into tears of joy, there are a lot of ways to surprise her. Plan a custom-made ring to propose to her and team it up with excellent planning. We have a few ideas to share with you. These ideas would surprise your partner like never before. Make her happy by planning a surprise that she wouldn’t expect. 

Include A Personal Message

If you want your partner to find the ring, do not forget to add a personalized message card with the ring box. Adding a message shows your emotions and adds a thought to the ring. Simply giving her a ring would not significantly impact as much as it would with a message. If you doubt your writing, many jewelry stores also offer printed personalized message cards with the ring. Your woman will fall in love with the proposal and wouldn’t be able to stop herself to say yes. Include the hundreds of reasons in brief why you love her and why you want to marry her. Conclude it with an emotional statement to show your affection towards her. 

Shop from the right store

It is crucial to find the ideal store to buy your ring. Do not keep your options limited to diamond rings. Modern jewelry stores have many more options like birthstone rings and moissanite rings that are cheaper and prettier than diamond rings. Moissanite is a recently discovered gem with similar shine and strength as diamonds, but it is more affordable. You can look for stores of Moissanite in Toronto and weigh your options. If you insist the jewelry store owner customize the moissanite ring, they may give you several options. Finding the right store to get a range of options is crucial. 

Take her Out   

If your relationship is reserved and you share anything with each other first and then the world, propose to her privately. Take her to a place where no one around knows you both. It would be great if you decide to take her on a trip and propose to her at a beautiful site with a gasping view. It will give you both the privacy to celebrate and allow her to take her time to answer you. Find a stunning wedding band in Toronto that would match her taste and personality.  

Treasure hunt 

Women love surprises, and she wouldn’t be able to control her joy with a series of surprises. Instead of only one surprise custom engagement ring, surprise her every second. You can lead her to find the ring with slight hints and send her on a bit of a treasure hunt. With every next hint, add a little gift. 

Plan to surprise your loved one with any of these ideas and make it memorable for her. Do not forget to hire a photographer to capture her reactions.