Understanding The Concept of Green Design

There is an upward trend in the architectural and interior design industry that is geared towards Green Design. What exactly is Green Design and why is it growing in popularity?

They say that the best designs are usually those that are in step with the the current needs of the market. You need to offer or introduce interior design concepts to clients that will not only benefit the owner but also as a way of keeping with the times.

To say there is a heightened awareness on the effect of the environment in the industry is an understatement. More companies are becoming aware of their role in helping out in any way so as not to contribute to the further devastation of our planet. This means, introducing designs that are not only environment friendly but sustainable as well. This is known as Green Design.

The use of renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, to provide for the needs of the inhabitants of, let us say a house or building, is one way. Another is for the structural design to be in such a way that it will utilize less of our nature’s depleting resources and more on harnessing what we still have.

Make your designs eco-friendly. Taking this in the context of interior design, it means not solely or limiting one from using solar power or other renewable energy. Incorporating them in the design, if needed, is acceptable but it is not the norm for Green design. This involves a lot of creativity, as well as placing your heart into the project.

How can this be done?

Find some use for otherwise old and discarded materials. These can be recycled to make stunning furniture or room accents. Trees felled from storms can be used to make furniture. Old tables and cabinets can be repaired and remodeled to have a more contemporary look. Trash can be made into art that can serve as centerpieces in rooms. They will not only be aesthetically pleasing but are great conversational pieces too. Another is that they are not only eco-friendly but will also give a bold statement that the owners of the place care about our environment.

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