Albania’s capital has come a long way in recent years. When a somewhat grim grey spot, a lick of paint, and a program of redesign have changed the city into a capital worth visiting. Saying this doesn’t imply that it’s ideal. Tirana actually gets obstructed with horn-sounding traffic and heavy pollution and power cuts are an almost daily event, however, it’s arriving. 


The city’s central streets and landmarks offer clues to the nation’s chequered history with fancy minarets and Socialist wall paintings reflecting its Ottoman, Italian and Communist past. In trendy Blloku, when the elite neighborhood of the Communist Party, the stylish bars and stores are pulling in the well-dressed crowd; additional proof that Tirana is having a special interest as a hip European capital. 

Reasons Why You Should Go?

Tirana is an enchanting, smaller city with a lively café culture, progressively buzzy nightlife, some fascinating sights, dazzling parks, and captivating history. Seeing the newly painted old communist buildings is entrancing, and for anybody, with an interest in post-Glasnost history. Tirana is an absolute must-visit.

Best Time to Go? 

The best and ideal time to visit Tirana is throughout the summer months – June, July, and August – when the city is warm and dry. Spring and summer are likewise wonderful but the winter months from November to February are rainy and cold, and not suggested. 

How to arrive? 

Non-stop flights from London are accessible to Nënë Tereza International Airport at Rinas which is 26km from the city. LOT Polish Airlines flies directly from most of the major airports. So, if you are planning to go there? Just book lot polish airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking.

On the other hand, Between 6 am and 6 pm a bus service operates to the center point of Tirana consistently. Taxis are accessible into the city from the air terminal and require 20-25 minutes. 

Attractions You Should See 

For lashings of art and culture, visit the National Art Gallery with its 3200 works by Albanian and unfamiliar artists. Escape to nature with a wander along with the ways through The Grand Park (Parku I Madh), and afterward stop for a picnic. 

For an interesting experience, visit the Martyrs’ Cemetery. Celebrating the passing of 900 partisans who kicked the bucket in WW2, it’s a stirring spot with astounding views over the city and the surrounding mountains. 

For a taste of Tirana’s high life, head to the revolving Sky Club bar at the highest point of a 16-floor skyscraper in Blloku. Caution though, one drink is enough at that altitude!

In the Nutshell

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