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Keeping customers at the center, John Deere has been delivering technology and world-class support, which can be seen in the field on various job sites, for decades now. In the golf community, the company is well-known for its innovative John Deere golf mowers that deliver exceptional results. 

Whether you’ve a small golf course or a big one, John Deere has specialized mowers and equipment to help you keep the area ready for a good game of golf. 

However, before that, you need the right mowers and tools to maintain your golf course. Today, John Deere offers multiple types of John Deere golf course mowers, and not all of them must be necessary to maintain your golf course. 

Types of John Deere Golf Course Mowers

From mowers to turf sprayers and aeration equipment, there are many kinds of golf course equipment that John Deere manufactures and sells. To figure out which is the best mower for your golf course, learn the different types. 

  • Fairway Mowers

These are lower horsepower mowers that deliver superior cut quality while providing more control over the machine. Equipped with large capacity motors, the mowers are useful in areas with serious hill-climbing. 

Fairway mowers are easy to operate and deliver exceptional performance. Also, they are cost-effective mowers. 

  • Walk Green Mowers

Also called walk-behinds, these are cost-effective mower options that can be operated using hands. They are perfect for small areas where you want a certain grass height. Depending on the required cutting width and speed, you can choose a mower to suit your needs. For example, 220 E-CutTM Hybrid is an ideal option for 22 in. width, while you should go for 260SL PrecisionCut for more precise results. 

  • Rough, Trim, and Surround Mowers

Do you have a golf course with rough surroundings? TerrainCut™ Mowers are the perfect equipment to invest in. Equipped with modern technology, these John Deere golf mowers are capable of handling thick and rough mounds on a golf course. 

In the rough and surround mower category, John Deere sells both reel and rotary mowers with different cutting widths. 

  • Riding Green Mowers

When you are new to golf course maintenance, riding green mowers by John Deere can be your ideal golf course equipment to keep your course ready for a game. These are modern machines that let you work like a seasoned operator. 

How To Buy John Deere Golf Mowers for Less

Mowers by John Deere are highly useful equipment that help you maintain your golf course. However, they are expensive tools to invest in, especially when you require multiple of them. Here, you can save money by getting used golf mowers from a reliable dealer. While buying them, ensure they are tested and refurbished mowers.

In addition, compare the available options with your requirements to ensure that only the best mowers have been purchased for your golf course. In this way, you can get quality machines within your budget.

All the best!