China is considered to be the biggest manufacturing hub in the world. In China, dozens of toupee manufacturers sell their hairpieces through their distributors’ chains. However, there are dozens of toupee manufacturers China is home to. 

Even seasoned toupee buyers may be overwhelmed because of this. But don’t worry – we’ll help you tackle this dilemma by giving you 5 top tips to find the right toupee manufacturers from China.

5 Tips To Find Best Toupee Manufacturers China

Before buying hairpieces from any toupee manufacturers, consider these 5 tips to help you find the best hairpiece manufacturer.

  • Compare The Quality

Hairpieces come in different qualities. Talking of quality, it entirely depends upon the quality of raw material used and the manufacturing processes. Toupees of synthetic hairs are generally made of nylon, acrylic, modacrylic or polyester fibres, so the fibres used during manufacturing must be of high standards. 

On the other hand, natural hair gives an aesthetic look and blends with users’ hair. Before using natural hair, it must be properly cleaned and processed. Therefore, while buying toupees from a manufacturer, it is really important to compare quality standards and appearance as well.

  • Read Customer Reviews

The genuine reviews from customers can be really helpful while choosing a brand or a manufacturer. So look for the reviews that answer questions like: 

  • How does the hairpiece perform on regular use? 
  • Does the hair lose shine or colour? Does it feel comfortable while using the toupee? 
  • What problems did the users face while using the toupee? 

A comprehensive study of such reviews can help you figure out which manufacturers provide durable and reliable hairpieces.

  • Check Track Record 

Dig deeper into the track record of toupee manufacturers China and check whether they were able to deliver on time. Doing so can brief you about the quality of their services and products. Further, a thorough review of their track record can give you insights into the reliability of the manufacturer in question.

  • Look For Variety 

Human hair wigs come in different varieties. Out of these multiple varieties, Remy human hair wigs are of the highest quality. They can be treated like natural hair as the users can easily dye, cut, curl or straighten them. 

Laced front wigs, mono toupees and natural human hair wigs also serve as a great option; they are reliable and last longer. Synthetic hair toupees are cheaper and best suited for day-to-day use. It is better to seek a manufacturer that provides hairpieces of all types rather than sticking to one.

  • Compare The Cost

Comparing the price of hairpieces is the most important aspect when looking for a toupee manufacturer. Look for the manufacturer that provides the best toupees with good quality and appearance at the best reasonable price.


In China, there are many toupees manufacturers. Still, the best of them can be described as manufacturers that provide quality products at reasonable prices and offer comprehensive services and assistance throughout the buying process. A thorough research and expert advice from professionals like NewTimes Hair can be very beneficial to the buyer.