Nowadays with the increasing population, the number of businesses and customers is also increasing rapidly, due to which a customer service number is required for every company so that customers can contact the company for their requirements, problems, issues, etc. But a query arises, “Is it possible that only one phone number can be used to contact thousands of customers at a time?” The answer is no as only one customer can contact a number at a time. It means each and every customer should have a different customer service number so that they can contact the company whenever they want. But is it possible to provide different phone numbers to each and every one? No, it’s not possible. Is there any solution to this problem? Yes, exactly it’s a business phone number, by which each and every customer can call to a same number and contact with customer services at the same time. Here, I am providing you some information about it by covering some important topics based on A Virtual Business Phone Number. So let’s know,

What is a Business Phone Number?

 A Business Phone Number is a telephone number that is dedicated only to manage all the business communication requirements. Unlike other phone numbers, they don’t require any SIM Card, as they are totally cloud-based phone network systems they can handle unlimited calls at the same time and can be accessed from any device having an active Internet connection.

How to use it?

Set up a business hours/working hour: By doing so, you are setting a time interval during which your customers can contact you. If someone calls you after or before the business hours you set, they will not be able to contact you. Instead, they will be greeted with a message thanking them for calling or mentioning the business hours.

  • Set call screening and incoming call notification: This feature will greet you with a message that will notify you that you have an incoming call, for example, if you want to receive press 1 or if you want to decline press 2.
  • Set up greeting messages: One of the most important things that one should do while setting up a business phone number is to set greeting messages for customers calling you. It creates a good impression for your company or organization. For example, setting a greeting message ” Welcome to our customer services”, ” Thank you for calling”,” Your call may be recorded” etc.
  • Call forwarding: If you have a lot of people working with you and answers call for your business, you can add the same business phone number in all their devices, so that whenever your Business phone Number have multiple incoming calls simultaneously, whoever is available can answer the call.

Benefits of using a Business Phone Number

It doesn’t need a long process, it is easy to set up and can be operated in any device having an active Internet connection.

  • It is fully customizable, i.e. Number, Call screening, greeting messages, working hours, etc
  • No worries about your device are lost/ bricked: As the Business phone numbers are totally wireless network-based, you don’t need to worry when your device gets bricked/ lost. You can operate it from any device having an Internet connection.
  • No headaches of incoming calls: As you have a number of companions with you to receive calls, you don’t have any problem with multiple calls. And if you at rest/ home you are totally free from the incoming calls of customers as they virtual phone numbers and can’t call you if the business hours you set are

   Types of Business Phone Numbers

Mainly there are 3 types of Business Phone Numbers-

  • VoIP: It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It allows you to make and

                   receive calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of phone


  • PBX: It is an Acronym for a Private Branch Exchange. It is a private network with

                  which you can communicate your company as well as your customers

                  using different methods like VOIP, ISDN, or by using a regular cellphone


  • Multi line: These networks are cellphone network-based that uses multiple coppers

           phone lines to create a network called multi communication network.

By using Business phone Numbers, you can get rid of several problems that your company might have to face using regular cellphone networks. You can enjoy several benefits as mentioned above as well as it improves your customer service and also eases the daily operations of your business. Some features of this Virtual Numbers will prove to be more useful and efficient than the others. I hope that you got the point about setting up a business Phone number and using it if you are going to use it for the first time, and will probably be helpful for you.