morse code jewelry
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The beads that are used to represent the Morse code messages are small and eye-catching. They’re combined with a slender chain or necklace or bracelet without shimmery, over the top gems or accents.

What is Morse Code?

Morse Code is a telecommunication method that is used to encode text characters as standardized sequences of two different signal durations called dots and dashes. Morse code is memorized and sent in a form that is understood by humans trained in this skill such as sound or light streak.

An important application is signalling for help through SOS, This is simply done by keying a radio on and off or flashing a mirror and even the retro Nokia phones offered an option to alert the user of an incoming text message with a Morse tone.

The idea behind a Morse Jewellery:

People are attached to their belongings as if its their own offspring and when somethings offers them a custom morse code in a message or a story like something is crafted especially for them.Being highly customizable as in the selection of beads, threads, messages is all designed as per the wish, it becomes idealistic for gift wears. Being unisex, it could be worn irrespective of any gender.

The code can be encrypted in various forms of jewellery like morse code bead bracelet and customized morse code necklace. 

The procedure of making Morse code jewellery:

Choosing the theme:

The ultimate challenge is choosing the right theme for your requirements.

Themes related to:

  • family like siblings, children, Mamma, dadda etc
  • friends and friendship like homie, best friend etc.
  • weddings like bridesmaid, maid of honour.
  • quotes, like fuck the world, live free etc.
  • zodiacs and horoscope
  • love and Romance like be mine, forever etc.

-Each theme topic on a headpin dangling as part of a pendant

-Multi-strand bracelets or necklaces with each strand center as the theme title.

-Seen with birthstone bead dangles as an added personal touch.

-By using birthstone colors for bead colors to create the names themselves.

Creation Of Art

After choosing the message, comes the choice of beads that are in the shape of dots and dashes using an international morse code chart. For the string, a thread, wire or even a small chain can be utilized. You might want to include small additions such as charms or birthstone dangles.


We wish you luck in choosing your favourite pearls and beads to create your own morse code handcraft!