The Best Ways to Use Round Mirrors for Walls in Your Home Space
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“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?” isn’t just a question Snow White’s stepmother, the Queen asked her magic mirror – the one round mirror for walls. In fact, when the Queen was surprised and angered by her answer, she went on to say – “What do you know – you’re just a mirror!” Surely, she did say that in a rash, irrational moment of grudgeful spite, but the truth is – the mirror knows quite a lot, and it works for the good to make even the timidest and shy spaces speak volumes. 

How – you may wonder! 

Here’s how: 

  • Entryway

The very first open space when you enter any home space is the entryway. Unfortunately, entryways in most homes are left empty or just hold a coat hanger (at least in colder regions). If you are looking for a way to jazz up the entryway and make it more inviting for guests you plan to entertain in the future, ensure to place the first of your round mirrors for walls along the entryway. If you’re unsure of where to buy round mirrors online, you may want to check the exquisite collection at Urban Home Living, a wonderful boutique store based in Singapore.

Place it over the credenza, and you will find it especially useful when you are ready to leave home to go out each day and find yourself able to adjust your brows, fix your hair, or even place the hat on your head in the right fashion, before you exit. They’d probably also like to set themselves up to be presentable after a long journey when guests arrive. So, embellish your outer area near the mudroom in your entryway with a classic black rim framed round mirror for walls. 

  • Living Room 

Another great place in your home to set up a vastly beautiful piece of round mirror is the living room. If you find yourself in a small apartment with a barely-there living room space, you could make use of a round mirror for walls to simply make the room seem larger than usual. A mirror placed opposite a singular large wall space could make the wall seem much larger than it actually is, giving an illusion of bigger space without leaving one feel packed in a tight space.

Another great place to hang your round wall mirror is above the fireplace. Fireplace mantles are the perfect place to decorate during festive seasons such as Halloween and Christmas, but it is also a great place to add accessories such as mirrors to make the place look antiquated and quaint. You will love the attention to detail that drives a notion of self-confidence that makes the space look gorgeous with just a small or large round mirror. 

  • Gallery Wall

If you have much larger wall space and intend to use that space to build your custom gallery wall with photos of your family and friends, then you could use a round mirror for walls as a perfect way to break the monotony of the pictures on the wall. This works wonderfully if you plan to place this gallery of pictures on the stairwell. This way, whoever lives at the top of the stairs could walk past it, taking a look at their faces and setting one’s hair or fixing their lipstick or even just adjusting their bow ties at the last minute.

  • Dressing Table

Typically dressing tables in one’s closet space or in the bedroom is a full-length mirror, especially in Singapore. However, if you are fond of breaking away from this mould of a design for your dressing table, then choose to buy a round mirror online rather than conform to a regular rectangular mirror.

You will find these spaces more than useful and intriguingly beautiful to accommodate and adorn with big or small frames of round mirrors. Let us know if you end up using any of these tactics after buying from the wonderful collection of round mirrors online in Singapore.