Home Decor Signs

Are you redoing your home space? Are you enticed to purchase metal home decor signs you saw on Decorative Metal Signs store but are unsure as to how to hang the metal signs on the walls? 

Trust us when we tell you that there are plenty of ways to hang metal wall art in your space. It is an excellent way to decorate your home, especially in the living room, men’s space, or office spaces. Interior designers and decorators tend to rely on the following items in order to hang such paintings made of metal.

Here are some ways you can hang your decorative signs for home: 

  • Magnetic Hanging Hardware Options

One of the best advantages of using magnetic hanging hardware tools is that they go a long way to achieve a clean mounting on the wall. It has a triple coat polish that ensures that the hardware tool ensures longevity and abrasion resistance. It is designed to handle over 25 pounds of metal weight, and it is extremely powerful in that way. The holes in the center of the tools allow securing of the magnets on the surface. You can definitely use this particular tool to mount metal signs for home. 

  • Velcro Strips for Hanging

If you stay in a rented space or would rather not ruin the walls by drilling through holes, then your next best friend is velcro hanging strips. Using these prevents damage to the walls, and you also avoid getting sticky residue on the drywalls. Using these ensures that the adherence is damage-free. Next time you have decorative signs for a home in mind to place within the kitchen space, think of using a Velcro Strip, especially if it is not extremely heavy. 

  • Clutter-Free Hanging Wire

If you are looking for a way to suspend the work of art in the form of metal home decor signs within the living space, then the best way to do so is by using a clutter-free hanging wire. It is all the better if we use one that is invisible to the naked eye unless one notices it well. This type of hanging wire is often used in the event management industry, and it’s an extremely creative way of getting metal signs decor to float in the air. It also makes it a perfect mounting option for walls, ceilings, and moldings. It is also a very affordable option that can bear the weight of anything between 15-50 pounds. 

  • Screws and Nails

The usage of screws and nails to mount decorative signs for homes has been standard practice since an immemorial time. Nails are hammered into the wall for mounting creative pieces and used as a resting point for your artwork. Be very certain that you’re not doing so in a rented space. This is best done in one’s own space rather than a leased out one or one that is rented. Screws, on the other hand, are used to secure down the decorative signs on walls and hold them steady. 

These are the few ways that you can go about handing metal home decor signs in your residential and commercial spaces.