Bikini Tops
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The triangle bikini tops are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only is it the most conventional and traditional style of string bikini top but it is also quite versatile. A triangle bikini top can be styled in several ways. With so many possible ways in the market, we have managed to tell you about the most popular ones through this blog. Each way mentioned below has its own style and popularity. So here are five different ways of styling a triangle bikini top.

The Scoop Neck Way

The scoop neck is the easiest way of styling a triangle bikini top. Scoop neck neither disturbs the coverage nor style, in fact, it brings in a fresh look for a swimsuit. To style a triangle bikini top in a scoop neck way you need to rotate the top upside down in a way that the top of the triangle top faces towards the floor. Tie the strap, which was traditionally an underbust strap, around your neck and tie the other strap, which was actually the neck strap, around your back. Adjust the inverted triangle top as per your preference of coverage and that is it. Your scoop neck bikini top is ready!

The Bandeau Way

The bandeau way is the most effective way of converting your bralette bikini top into a sexy one. As you know, a bandeau top helps to minimize the tan lines along with a brownie point of enhanced cleavage. Therefore it is the best option to go for if you wish to attain the sexiest lady at the beach!

To do this, lay the top on a surface and bring in the triangles of the top towards each other, leaving a gap of an inch or two. Now tie the underbust strap into a bow with each triangle facing away from each other at the opposing sides. Now the straps which were technically made to tie around the neck should be secured behind the back and your bandeau top is ready!

The Upside Down Way

Next is the most popular bikini top that has blown away the internet. The idea behind creating an upside-down top out of the traditional triangle bikini top is to maximize the cleavage and underboob. To start with, all you need to do is secure the underbust strap behind the back and overlap the neck-straps on your chest. Now pull these straps tight to bring them close to each other. Twist the strings at the top and secure them behind your back then adjust the triangles based on coverage needed.

The ‘Straps Over The Shoulders’ Way

This is one of the fantastic ways of transforming your triangle top into a cute bikini top. As the traditional halter neck tops aka triangle bikini tops create a lot of pressure around the neck, this way could help you lessen that pressure. All you need to do is place the straps over the shoulder and safeguard them with tiny knots on the underbust strap. And you are done!