Shopping Safety Signs
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We all know that safety signs are very crucial to keep our premises safe. But are you aware of – how to choose those that precisely serve your requirement for years? If not, don’t worry. We are here to help.

The main purpose of these signs is to convey warnings and do’s & don’ts to people. To serve this purpose, they must meet a certain standard. Below are five considerations that can help you to choose the right fits: 

#1 Choose Material According To Environment

Thin plastic safety fire safety signs are not a good choice for a windy outdoor parking lot. Similarly, a heavy aluminum sign showing the way to the indoor restroom is also not a wise pick.
Different environments demand different materials. If you don’t follow this rule, you will end up spending on replacing the signs more frequently than required.

Some robust and reliable materials are:

  • Aluminum – Suits both indoor and outdoor.
  • Fiberglass – For outdoor. 
  • Plastic – Lightweight and Cost-effective – perfect for indoor use. 
  • The Most Popular –  Self-Sticking Polyester – Very economical and ideal for both indoors and outdoors. They have an outdoor durability of upto eight years.

#2  Should Respect The Regulations 

There are different regulations and government guidelines for safety signs in different nations. Like, according to safety signs Australia Standard 1319,  the fire Signs shall include a rectangular red color sign with a white symbol or words. So, make sure you check for such requirements as per your locality. 

#3 The Information Should Be Clear

While words ”Caution” & “Warning”  may feel like synonyms, but they are not. In fact, both terms deliver different info. Caution is to warn someone about a situation that may cause minor or moderate injury. On the other hand, “Warning” signifies situations with the probability of death. Apart from the choice of words, color also plays a crucial role here. For warning signs, most nations use orange color. Whereas, for caution, yellow is preferred. 

#4 Think Wisely About The Location

Once you choose the right material, message, and color, it is now time to think of the sign’s placement.  It is a key factor in transmitting the information you wish to convey. Therefore, you must place it at a highly visible spot. This will ensure that the safety message is conveyed to more and more people, including your staff, customers, and the general public. 

Use these tips when choosing a location for the safety signs: 

  1. The signs should be unobstructed and clearly visible from every eye angle.
  2. Place them in a static location, far from moveable areas.
  3. Focus on lightning. The signs should be properly illuminated.
  4. Inspect the signs from time to time and do the necessary maintenance. 
  5. In case the sign is no longer relevant, or the hazard ceases to exist, remove the sign. 

#5 Make Use Of Pictograms 

Since there is a high rise in the immigration ratio, it is crucial to use pictograms so that everyone can understand the message precisely. Pictograms are a universal language to communicate. People from different cultures, regardless of language barriers, can understand the signs using pictograms. Moreover, it is also a good alternative for bi/tri-lingual signs, which are often difficult to read.

Final Words
Always remember – placing safety signs on your premises is not just a workplace requirement. It is the precaution against accidents and undesired scenarios that can cost you the loss of precious lives. So, you must choose and place the safety signs appropriately using the above five tips. Stay tuned for more such posts!