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Selecting the Right Greens Mower for Your Putting Greens

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Choosing the right mower for a golf course is about so much more than getting an even and beautiful mowing result. The mower must be adapted based on both your and golf course conditions. The area of ​​golf course controls the type of lawnmower that is most suitable for you. The rule of thumb is that the larger the lawn and the less often you mow the grass, the larger and more powerful lawn mower you will need. 

The fact that the mower is also built to last a long time is what we consider a good economy and also convinced that you as a customer will be happy with it. Below we go through the most important things you should know before you make your purchase. Here we have all information about our lawnmowers, garden tools and accessories. When you place your order online, you choose whether you want your products sent home directly or if you want to pick them up at your local retailer.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers:

  • Walking lawnmower for plots between approx. 50 – 3500 square meters. They are petrol-powered with modern 4-stroke engines and are available both with and without electric start – perfect if you want to avoid “starting the mower in the line”. The mowers are powerful and good at handling short, tall and wet grass. All pedestrian lawnmowers from Toro are self-propelled so that you do not have to push the lawnmower – easily, especially in hilly terrain, and that you “save a little on the body”. Many of the pedestrian mowers from Toro today are powered by so-called Automatic drive, which means that the handle on the mower is sprung and that the faster you go – the faster the lawnmower goes – In other words, the mower adapts the speed to you and not the other way around!


  • Battery Powered Lawnmowers for plots up to 1600 square meters! Available with 60V battery operation. They are environmentally friendly and have a lower noise level than motor lawn mowers, which gives you the opportunity to mow whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors. The mower is started by a simple push of the start button and the machine itself is built in steel, which gives an equally durable and robust mower as a traditional motor lawnmower.


  • Robotic Lawnmowers are available today for basically all types of plots. Robotic lawnmowers are designed for larger areas and there are many robot alternatives for areas varying between 5,000 – 20,000 square meters.


  • Riding Lawnmowers also called golf course mowers are for the larger plots with solid green areas. Cuts wide (107 cm -137 cm), fast and convenient. Golf course mowers are lever controlled. Professional users often advocate the lever-controlled alternative and so do we! Lever control is recommended not only for the ergonomic driving which with “small movements gives great results,”but also for its agility and ability to access almost anywhere and at the same time turn with an extremely small turning radius around its own axis. These are quite expensive than other models so it is recommended to buy used golf course maintenance equipment to save your extra ponds and time.  
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