Raw Curly Bundles
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Raw curly bundles are one of the most exciting hair accessories. For centuries, curls have never gone out of style, and still, millions of women around the world admire their timeless look. However, whether we have our curly hair or wear raw human hair bundles in routine, they demand timely maintenance. So today, we are here with a quick blog that will explain how to care for your curly bundles, enhancing their lifespan in the long term.

Remember to Section Your Hair

The foremost step that most women miss out on with the upkeep of curly bundles is to separate sections. In case your wig has more small, tight ringlets, split them up into smaller sections. Whereas for wigs with looser, larger curls, you can always separate into larger sections.

Detangling Is the Mini War

Well, we get that. In our questions section, we get this question very often. You can always work through the curly bundles with a moisturizing detangling mist. Spray lightly 3-4 times. If your wig is synthetic hair, make sure to use products specifically designed for synthetic hair.

Don’t Mind to Comb Your Bundles

To detangle, gently brush through the curls. Hairstylists and experts always suggest using a wide-toothed comb for brushing. The reason is that ordinary hairbrushes and combs with compact structures just ruin the outlook of your curls. So there’s no chance that you would love to leave your glossy curls with a whole lot of frizz, which is ultimately going to result in shedding.

Keep it Silk-Safe

The final step is to know how to store your raw curly bundles or wigs. It is always recommended to wear a silk hair bonnet for sleeping or even a hair net to keep the curly locks in place. This will eventually help to prevent tangling further. Other than this, you can lay your wig flat into a silk/satin crafted sealed box. So there’s no chance that those dust particles and threads are going to get stuck in your hair bundles. Always bear in mind not to throw your wig or bundles on drawers’ chests, counters, or floor; otherwise, you may end up having knotted or tangled hair bundles.