tea bag packaging
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Tea, revered as the oldest beverage in history; has been consumed by people for centuries now. Since the drink is so popular, more people are dipping their toes into the tea market. First impressions are very important and often a consumer’s first introduction to the product. The importance of tea bag packaging is multi-faceted and goes a long way in securing a devoted consumer base. This article overviews important factors to consider when selecting tea bag packaging. 


Sustainability is the key 

Some organic herbal tea bags may seem discreet, but they’re increasingly drawing criticism. It turns out that many commercial bags are assembled with POFA (palm oil fuel back), which the TGA labels a toxin. Other sketchy packing in the bag from plastics to Teflon. With companies investing in sustainable products, the top-grade tea bag packaging protects against deterioration and is environment friendly. Furthermore, the packaging solutions prevent essential oils from evaporating in the bag. Thus, the tea’s flavours will last longer and it is safer to dispose of the bag. 


Size and Storage 

Size is an important component when selecting tea bag packaging. Business owners should integrate with experienced packaging companies to determine if their label size works well for the packaging. The label should be large enough for people to locate but not big enough that it captures the entire pouch. Furthermore, if the storage is too big, a person won’t be able to carry it. Stand-up pouches are user-friendly because individuals can grab the product and place it back when done! 

With seamless features like resuasable zippers, consumers don’t have to fret about the product’s freshness or stale taste! 


Branding is another essential factor when selecting packaged herbs online Australia. Companies today view product packaging as another way to market their products. For instance, retailers often advertise their loose-leaf teas in a transparent bag with a strip window. Furthermore, some have specialized printing services that add unique labels to packages. Printing the signature label of your brand in bold colors is an excellent marketing strategy. If the packaging is colorful, it’ll stand out from others and be easier to navigate. 



A tea bag packaging should protect the product from moisture, heat, sunlight, and fungus. Premium packaging keeps the inside product unaffected during transportation and distribution. With functional features like resealable zip closures and tear notches, ensure the tea stays fresh throughout the journey. 

With Gen Z consumers avoiding planet unfriendly packaging, 2021 is shaping to be the year the tea packaging industry transforms from wrecking the environment to sustainable practices.