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Process of Complete Tree Removal Followed by a Professional Arborist

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So there is an unwanted tree standing in your land property and it needs to be removed as soon as possible. In normal circumstances, it is always advisable to avoid the complete removal of trees. Even there are legal restrictions for cutting a tree completely or partially in some states. Still, there are some situations when complete removal of a tree remains the only solution. Below is a list of tree removal circumstances:-

  • A dead tree becoming a threat to the nearby property. 
  • An infected tree which communicable disease
  • Partially broken tree due to natural calamities. 
  • Exceeding the size of a tree posing threat to the nearby buildings.


For all these situations, arborist agencies are the best options to consider. Arborists are also considered as tree surgeons holding enough knowledge to handle problems with trees. They also prefer alternate options instead of cutting a tree. If removal is the last resort, a certified agency gets permission from authorities and removes it safely. Tree removal process gets more complicated if it is standing in a populated area. In order to remove it safely, arborists have to follow some professional techniques and tools. Below is a list of tools necessary for tree removal:-

  • Chainsaw
  • Harnessing ropes
  • Tree pruner
  • Safety gears like helmet and goggles

Along with equipment, adequate skills are also necessary for satisfactory and safe job execution. We are mentioning the complete process of tree cutting including stump removal in the following points. 


Professional tree removal process

Branches removal

The first step of tree removal starts with the cutting of branches. Arborists inspect the entire tree including length and width and start removing the branches from its base. They use harness ropes to maintain safety while removing tree branches with the help of a chainsaw. From bottom to top, they cut every large branch one by one. After reaching at the top, trunk removal process started. 


Trunk removal

This part of tree removal in Sacramento requires high precision. Trunks are the most valuable part of a tree. Its logs can be utilized for furniture manufacturing if sliced carefully. An arborist markdown the length of slippers before starting the removal process. It is important to make sure that the wood logs remain suitable for making frames. From top to bottom, they remove the trunk safely. In the thickly populated areas, every wood log is carefully tied with ropes before cutting down to avoid a collision. After reaching the bottom, only stumps remain behind. 


Stump removal

At first glance, it seems like the job of trade has been executed. However, stump removal is also a highly time-consuming part. Some agencies of tree removal services in Sacramento charge separately for stump removal. The service charges vary on the basis of factors like the age of a tree, species and surface type. If you’re lucky, the stump can be removed with the help of a tow winch of vehicles. However, winches don’t always work so they have to implement some additional techniques. Some professional stump removal methods are:-

  • Chipping out the trunk with a chainsaw.
  • Chemical roating
  • Burning


Residue disposal

Expected trunk slippers and large branches, the remaining tree is a waste. Slippers can be utilized for furniture manufacturing and large branches are ideal for firewood fuel after seasoning. However tiny branches and leaves create a mess in the area. The leaves can be utilized for making compost if you have some land for cultivation. If not, it is the responsibility of an arborist agency to sweep out all the residue. 


Alternate option of tree removal

Tree lopping and major level pruning are the two options to consider as alternatives of trees. Lopping is a process of partial tree cutting from its crown. It works if the problem is with the height of a tree. At a controlled height, it remains harmless to everyone. Pruning technique works if the tree is partially infected by some diseases. Arborists figure out the infected branches and remove them. After that, they use chemical spray to prevent further infection possibilities. 


Never start cutting a tree after watching DIY videos because they are skilled people. You may get injured or cause damage to the property. 

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