Paint protection treatment is a common optional extra offered by dealers to people buying a new car.

Everyone wants their new car to look factory-fresh for as long as possible, but this can be challenging. Tree sap, road tar, and even industrial fallout can take their toll on your ride, which is why new car paint protection is so important.

New car paint protection is generally a chemical spray put on by the dealer or a qualified detailer, providing a barrier between the painted surface and the outside world. This can be a chemical layer, like a super-strong wax film, or even a ceramic layer, and there are several ways to obtain paint protection.

Most paint protection products will spray on as a liquid and dry clear, although some products in the past featured a clear plastic film applied to at-risk parts of the car to prevent stone chips or scratches from road grime.

Paint protection is a good, low-maintenance way of keeping your car’s exterior in top condition. It means it will be easier to clean, and you won’t have to worry so much about polishing it or small bits of damage.

Benefits of Paint Protection

  • The patented high-tech solution provides your car with a glossy protective barrier against potential sources of damage.
  • It includes advanced upholstery protection. It ensures that your car is not just protected on the exterior but also the interior. Interior protection includes your accessories, seats, and overall space.
  • Its reactive copolymer coating provides a chemically-bonded defense against many environmental damages like acid rain, salt, bird droppings, road grime, pollution fallout, etc.
  • It offers specialized water resistance.

Now that you understand the numerous benefits that paint protection offers, it is easier to decide and conclude that new car paint protection is every bit worth the money you invest in it. However, an important thing to consider before investing in any solution is to have your research well in place, to avoid the possibility of making the wrong decision.


If you decide to buy paint protection with your new car, make sure it’s mentioned somewhere in the paperwork relating to the sale because it could give the car a slight edge when you come to sell it.

It’s also possible to buy paintwork protection from aftermarket specialists. Again, this might or might not be cheaper than the main dealer’s offering, and the cost will again depend on the exact type of treatment you choose, the size and type of your car, and the company, among other factors.

New car paint protection is often dismissed as an optional service. However, as discussed earlier, that does not lessen its importance. The market is full of many options like wax coating, synthetic painting, and ceramic coating. Ultimately, it’s up to you, and you should make the decision based on how you use your car and your requirements, rather than the salesman’s smooth talk. It’s a good haggling point, too, so see if you can get it for less than the price the dealer initially offers.