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Today, vaping is at the mainstay of buzz among smokers who vow to quit smoking. After all, vape juice with zero nicotine is the best initial step to getting rid of addiction!

Another good thing about vaping, particularly the Naked 100 Vape Juices, is that they are easily available online in bountiful flavors. With merely a few clicks on your mobile phone or laptop screen, you can seize your best-loved vape juice or vaping device at your doorsteps.

However, there is yet another side to the story. Vape juices also come with nicotine content, making vaping a matter of concern for many. But what do you think is the reality of it? We guess, being a beginner, you’ll love to know everything. Isn’t it? 

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So, stay tuned to find out lesser-known facts about vaping and vape juices.

1. Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking

Most vape juices include nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals that create aerosol when you inhale. In contrast, regular tobacco products contain around 7000 chemicals – more toxic than those in vape juices. That being said, vape juices are a safer alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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However, to enjoy only the plus sides of vaping, avoid THC-containing vaping products. Besides, purchase only the best e-juice from an authorized distributor. Naked 100 juice is a clear example of a favorable vape product. Made from fruits and vegetable smoothies, the best Naked 100 juice helps you meet your daily antioxidant needs. 

2. Vape Juices Come In Over 5000 Different Flavors

One of the fascinating facts about vape juices is that they are available in plentiful flavors (as already mentioned). In the case of Naked 100 E-liquid, you can find enticing flavor combinations like Pomegranate Blueberry and Green Machine. In addition, a blend of apple, kiwi, berry, broccoli, and several other tasty flavors are also in options. 

The best part about Naked vape juice flavors is that they have no added sugar and thus are delicious and healthy. If you are new to vaping and do not know which flavor to start with, simply pop in on the nearby vape store and explain the effect you want to relish. 

3. Young Generation Is Getting Hooked On Vaping Products

Vape juices and e-cigarettes are quite popular among youth. Simply because they believe vaping is less harmful and has a lower per-use cost than traditional e-cigarettes. Besides, the formulation of food flavors in vape juices, especially the best Naked vape juice flavors, also attracts a new generation.


No doubt, this may be concerning to elders, but there is still a bright side to it. First, elders should know vape juices and e-cigarettes reduce the stigma of smoking. Therefore, their consumption will make youngsters less prone to smoking addiction in the future.

However, for the positive effects of vaping, one should only opt for THC and nicotine-free vape juices from a reputed brand like Naked 100

Final Thoughts

Vaping is a hot trend among youths and adults. If devoured in the right way, vape juices and other vape products won’t harm your health. The top-quality vape juices, specifically mentioning the Naked 100 vape juice, will help you give up on your addiction to smoking. The deliciousness of bountiful food flavors in vape juices is another plus that you would like to rejoice in.

So, wait no more and visit the best, authorized vape store online to shop for flavored vape juice today!