How to Choose the Right Music for Wedding Entertainment
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Your wedding is the most cherished moment of your lifetime. It should be memorable for you and to all the guests partaking in your celebrations. Hence, the wedding entertainment you provide should also be astonishing, and everyone will cherish those memories for many years.

Whether the wedding ceremony is traditional or modern, formal or informal, beautiful music makes it memorable and romantic. Music is essential as it also raises emotions and adds value to each moment.

Why Choose Music for Your Wedding?

Most couples opt for music as wedding entertainment because live music during the event makes it more pleasant. The right music adds beauty to this special day in your life. Live music is traditional and eternal. It can make you emotional and connect with every moment of your wedding.

Choosing the right music for your wedding is a difficult job where you need to sit with your partner and consider your options. Do not choose something classy or trendy. Instead, select that music that you and your partner love and enjoy.

If your wedding has a unique theme, choose the music that suits it. Otherwise, the music options are vast for your wedding.

Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Wedding

As music is important during the wedding, consider the following while choosing the right option for your ceremony:

Discuss with Your Partner

Discuss with your partner about the music you both will love during the wedding. Prepare a list of songs that will complement your wedding. When making this decision, remember that the song you choose should be significant to both of you. If it does, it can make the entire wedding more personalized.

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If you have some specific songs signifying the hallmarks of your relationship and courtship, make them a part of your celebrations.

Consider All Your Music Options

When choosing music, you can either go with recorded music or live music. But, live music is more preferred than recorded one. With live music, you can choose your musicians who can perform on stage and revitalize the entire venue with their energy. Ensure that you provide enough time for the musicians to learn and practice the desired songs you want.

Music during the Hymn

During hymns at the entrance, choose traditional and instrumental songs. You can select the violins, saxophones, piano, etc. Choose solo or choral music for the processional hymn.

Music for the Main Ceremony

If the wedding ceremony is in a church, religious songs will be played at the venue. But, you can also choose other relevant songs during the ceremony. Few churches have restrictions on what music should be played.

Don’t forget to check the music you choose is acceptable to the church. If your wedding is a registered marriage, you have enough freedom to select meaningful and right music.

Music for the Reception

While choosing the music for your reception, choose the right one that adds to each moment. For example, choose different songs for cocktails when guests arrive, background music during meals, romantic songs during the first dance with your partner. It will help if you also think about the songs for the speech, songs for all the guests to dance, excited music for concluding the event, etc.

It is imperative to pick the right music for wedding entertainment so that you and your partner will heartily enjoy it. The music should add to the overall vibe of your wedding. When the time passes, and you want to go back to your wedding day, the music you choose adds an excellent feel, and it recollects all your precious memories.

Many musicians handle live music at weddings. They will have years of experience in it and can organise wedding music well. They can also help you choose the right music for your big day.