If one wants to make their near and dear ones happy, then they must keep sending them gifts because nothing like gifts can make a person happy. One does not have to wait for a special occasion to arrive so that they can send some gifts to their friends or family. They can always send them something nice to make them happy.

For cheap hampers delivered, to family and friends one can search the online gift sites. There are plenty of gift sites which are available these days and from there one can choose online hampers as per their preferences. One can order these things hassle free and get them delivered just right on time. In fact, one can also make these gift baskets easily at home. Here, one can easily add things depending on what they want to add as per the occasion or according to the person’s likings for whom the basket is being prepared.

If one wants to make gift baskets at home then here are a few things that they can think of:

Chocolate gift baskets

It is one particular basket which can be prepared and can be gifted to anyone from kids to adults. This is because; there is hardly anyone who does not like to have chocolate and this gift basket will make almost everyone happy. In this basket, one can add some small packs of flavoured chocolates and boxes of handmade or gourmet chocolates. Not only chocolate bars and cubes but one can also add some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate flavoured muffins in it. If this basket is supposed to be sent during winter, then it is also a great idea to add a tin of hot chocolate into it.

Tea and Coffee gift basket

Another gift basket idea which can be sent to friends and office colleagues anytime of the year. This is a great gift basket particularly for those who love drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee. In this basket, one can add some small boxes of tea bags of different flavours and also a bottle of fresh ground coffee. For accompaniment with a mug of freshly brewed coffee or tea, one needs to add some tea cakes and cookies as well. To make the gift basket even more special and elaborate, one can add a doodled coffee mug in it.

Snacks gift basket

It is the easiest gift basket that one can think of and one can prepare them for sending them to people for festivals and occasions. Here, one needs to add few packs of chips, pack of nachos and some small boxes of flavoured popcorns. Chocolate and granola bars can also make it to the basket as well for people who love to eat snacks but kind of a bit health conscious.

Ice cream gift basket

This particular gift basket should be delivered with a couple of hours after it is made. So, it is better to send it to people who live in the same city.

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