Know Why Switching From Coffee To Organic Matcha Makes Sense
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Without any doubt, most of us still love a steaming cup of coffee every morning. We all love it, drink it, and will always love it. Indeed, the world may seem implacable without coffee in routine. With this, saying organic matcha tea is not that good; would be an understatement. However, with popular brands like DoMatcha producing the best grade matcha tea caffeine, more and more people have started taking the joys of this superfood in their hectic lifestyles. 

Still, having both simultaneously may seem like a zero-sum game to most of us. So today, we will learn why we have to choose one over the other and which beverage has more benefits in general. 

Coffee can be quiet for many reasons, and most of us may not find it that difficult. However, with matcha coffee, you can explore a number of variants and enjoy a series of health benefits at a time, especially if you consume it in routine. We have to mention, matcha caffeine is a perfect way to kickstart your day with a healthier and nutritious dose. Whereas, coffee has got some downside to it, as we all know. 

So, let’s just focus on knowing how matcha tea benefits. And, let’s just keep it brief and know who is the winner in Matcha vs. Coffee. 

  • Did you know that matcha has a better caffeine content in it? With this statement, we actually meant that the caffeine present doesn’t feel like havoc on our brain and body. Coffee may kickstart us with a blast, but somehow that blast just ends in the crash, and we start to feel lousier. Also, it causes a rise in insulin and adrenaline glucose levels, which ultimately gives us a lot of nervousness, hunger pangs, and jitteriness. 

In contrast, matcha tea does none of this. There are no uneven crashes and spikes. Surprisingly, it has the sixth portion of caffeine of coffee, which reacts gently, creating a calmness alert. Even Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kourtney Kardashian kick start their day with organic matcha tea that lifts them off the ground and feels energetic and light all day long. 

  • Talking about the next point, then there is no comparison of the same. Matcha aids better breath and saves your teeth from staining. The active ingredients battle plaque-causing bacteria, supporting oral hygiene. This is again a valid reason why most dentists recommend having matcha for better dental health. Contrarily, enamel staining and coffee breath are just a no-brainer. 
  • Who doesn’t love having glowing acne-free skin? Everyone just loves it as matcha tea benefits your skin as well. It helps in clearing up the acne and marks left behind. Even Japanese women have been using matcha face masks to give their skin a natural glow with antibacterial properties. 
  • Another thing that may overwhelm you is that matcha tea caffeine is extremely full of flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols, especially the dynamic EGCG, which is normally linked to several therapeutic and health benefits. 
  • Last but not least, matcha coffee is often underestimated because it takes much longer to prepare it. However, it is limited to one or two scoops into the cup, adding hot water and lather. All of this takes less than 30 seconds. Whereas your favorite coffee blends from premium brands just take a whole lot of time and buying those grounding and prep machines in advance. 

It goes without saying that matcha caffeine variants are not intended to cure any disease, but it is just a green variant albeit with interesting health benefits. And, because there are no side effects and downsides to it, regularly consuming it makes a lot of sense. So, agreeably, there is very little to lose in switching from coffee to organic matcha. So, do give it a try and let us know how this new wellness journey benefits you.