Car Accident
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Severe road accidents can always be upsetting, especially for expectant mothers. It goes without saying that something significant and traumatic like this is to be concerned about. However, the fear of car accidents can multiply tenfold for expecting women uptight for their well-being and their baby’s health. Minor injuries to the mother in a road accident can also affect the unborn baby. Ultimately, this pushes them to consult a personal injury law firm for further advice and guidance. 

We have to mention it would be the first thing to do after consulting your emergency room personnel or medical expert you are seeing. Here are some of the two most common consequences that usually come up in road accidents while being pregnant. Let’s take a quick look. 

  • Suffering a Miscarriage 

With the road crash, if you went through a miscarriage, then you can simply file a lawsuit under the supervision of a recognized Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Edmonton. This lawsuit would be against the at-fault driver responsible for the crash resulting in miscarriage. There’s no doubt that a miscarriage occurs when the personal injury of a car crash results in the death of the fetus. If you too have suffered the same lately, then you are entitled to recover for medical, hospital, and funeral expenses, pain and suffering compensation, and the loss of companionship. So better seek any established personal injuries law firm specializing in the same. 

  • Pain and suffering 

Compensation for pain and suffering also exists, and it covers the lost wages and medical expenses simultaneously. To recover from both of these, the law demands that the victim or injured person be eligible enough to portray that they suffered an injury. For instance, serious impairment of body function and related medical bills are covered. A pregnant mother may experience other injuries after a car accident: placental abruption, high-risk pregnancy, coup brain injury, congenital disabilities, membrane rupture, etc. 

Injured in a car accident while expecting? Have any questions and concerns about your legal rights to suffering and pain compensation, insurance benefits, or economic damages? If yes, consulting an experienced personal injury law firm could be an informed decision.