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There are a number of reasons why a virtual set background has gained so much popularity worldwide. One primary reason is that so many filmmakers do not want to wait for post production. Basically, their motive is to experience real time visual effects without much work and inconvenience. At present, virtual production is considered to be very important, and enlarging, part of both tv and film production.

If you discuss the real scenario traditionally, film production takes place in discrete, actors either play their roles on the set, green screen, and a location once the shooting begins. On the other hand, the whole procedure of virtual production is prevalent. With the technology getting advanced day by day, filmmakers can now build environments and effects as well as augmented and virtual reality. To understand the concept and benefits of virtual set background, continue reading this piece of article ahead.

Understanding the benefits of a virtual set background

  • Great lighting:

    Mostly all the green screens need specific lighting so that they can work in the right manner. It is almost next to impossible to film any scene in dim light meaning that the crew members have to work more in order to acquire the desired effects. With virtual production, there is ample amount of light meaning the right light is created then and there without facing any inconvenience.

  • The freedom to design:

    If you have virtual production on the NYC soundstage, it precisely means there is absolutely no need to compromise on different design elements and costumes, props, hairstyles are no exception. This is why filmmakers and their team have all the opportunities when it comes to how to appear in the film. They do not have to worry about anything, especially the money matters.

  • Proper environmental control:

    It is because of 3D scanning and photogrammetry that the filmmakers are now able to create whatever they want to. There is no hassle at all. In addition to this, with the help of game engines, they can also move everything from trees, buildings, mountains, and more.

  • Building a virtual world is now everyone’s cup of tea:

    At present, virtual production has made it easy for natural settings to replicate in the studio itself. In addition to this, it also has the ability to work with new technology creating an environment which completely replicates the naturalone. It is the LED screens that can also be extended virtually with a camera. 

These are some of the benefits of a virtual set background. Now that you are aware of them, it is now time to execute the concept. Whether on Cobalt Stages or television shoot locations, these backgrounds can surely work wonders. There is no denying the fact that virtual production hands all the control to the filmmaker offering umpteen number of benefits.

To know more about virtual set backgrounds, get in touch with the experts or browse the internet. Both of these sources will provide the information you need.