Portable Nebulizer
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mini portable nebulizers have been in high demand. Basically, they are special devices used for warming a liquid solution into a fine mist, which further helps in easier inhalation of the medicine. Putting it in simple words, it helps treat chronic respiratory conditions. And, guess what? Doctors use them for babies as well. 

Today, We Are Here Going to Talk About How to Use a Portable Silent Nebulizer with Babies 

Without any doubt, babies can be wriggly, especially when they are sick or have cold/flu symptoms. That is the moment that turns out to be a challenge. For instance, a doctor recommends your baby take medication with a nebulizer. Well, that turns out to be a challenge for most of the parents. Certainly, not everyone is familiar with its correct usage. 

If you are also in the same situation, do not worry. We are here with some quick tips that can help you with it. So, let’s get started knowing them! 

  • The foremost step is to know what time your baby feels sleepy as it has high chances that he/she tolerates the treatment better. Normally, a parent can schedule it before a nap, after meals, or at bedtime. 
  • If your child gets irritated with the noises, then make sure to place the nebulizer on a rug or towel to reduce the vibrations and noise. Apart from this, experts also recommend using a long tube as it assures that the noisiest part is not around your baby.
  • Now, hold your baby in an upright position around your lap. Doctors say that making the sit upright during the treatment delivers more medication. With this, the medicine flows throughout the lungs, and as a result, your child can breathe more deeply and easily. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget to swaddle the baby throughout the treatment to make them feel more comfortable. 

How Often Should a Parent Use Mini Portable Nebulizers? 

Once the baby develops the flu or cold, his airways get blocked, and they start to experience breathing. Scientifically, nasal congestion can also be the result most of the time. So, when you realize your baby cannot breathe or blow their noses, switch to a quality portable nebulizer to help your child clear the nose. Believe us; nebulization is highly effective in loosening the mucus and moistening around. So, once you practice nebulization with your baby, he/she will start to breathe easier and better than earlier.