How to Make Your Blog Posts More Appealing With Colors and Photos

Blogs are growing in popularity.

To keep your blog up to date and looking fresh, it is important to make it look appealing for visitors.

Here are a few easy tips to quickly spruce up your blog.

Change Your Theme

If you have a blog account on WordPress, it is easy to change things up. This site offers a lot of different options for paid users and free users. I have a free account set up and have had no problem finding a theme that works for me.

To search your options on WordPress, go to the Change Your Theme section and click on the customize option. With a free account, you are not able to change the font and background design but you are able to edit your header, title and subtitle. Having a free account does not mean your site will be less attractive; there are plenty of options you have to add color and pictures.

If Custom Design is part of your WordPress blog package, you are able to customize your theme design. There are many different palette colors to choose from and you are able to choose a wide array of background images for your blog. You can swap the palette colors to different areas. If you want to make the font darker and the title a lighter color, you can move those colors around. If you’re debating on upgrading to the Custom Design, you can preview your website design changes before you buy.

Refresh the Heading

The heading is the first thing people notice when they visit your site. Make sure to have a distinguished design that is appealing to your readers. Try adding pictures or finding a photo online.

If you have Paint or any type of photo editing program, you can make a new heading image in minutes. Find a few photos, open them in your photo editing program and compile them into a panoramic, horizontal image to insert as your header. Save the image as a PDF and adjust for blurriness as needed.

If you don’t feel equipped to create your own header, reach out to friends on Facebook. They may be willing to throw something together for you. I’ve had a few friends reach out to offer help in formatting my blog and I have always welcomed their expertise. Having a professional, sleek header can really change the look of your blog.

Your header doesn’t need to be compiled of photographs for it to be eye catching. Take this law blog from Katherman, Briggs and Greenberg, for example. The colors used in the heading flow well together through the rest of the blog. They have a great drop down menu on the left side that makes it easy to search through their posts.

On this site, they incorporate photos and modify their text to make the subject topic stand out. KBG does a great job organizing their site in a pleasing way that makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for.

Add Media Content

Incorporate more pictures into your posts. I incorporate quote photos or other pictures that relate to what I’m writing about, but just make sure to site each source. On WordPress, you can upload photos to your media and add them as you go or directly load the media right into your blog.

Adding photos is important to blogging because it helps break up the text and it adds more color to your page. If you use Blogger, there are a few tips to adding photos. You can email the photos to your account and upload them to your blog.

Jazz up Text

Take time to format your text. Include bullets and numbering to break up big paragraphs and make text easier to read. Bold and italicize words that you want to stand out.

Modifying the text formatting helps words stand out to the reader and navigate through the post. Make sure to break up big paragraphs so the post is less like a school paper. You want readers to be intrigued to keep reading and have an easy time making their way through your posts.

It is important to modify your blog and keep it looking fresh. Spruce up your heading with pictures and graphics. Try formatting text to easily guide readers through your posts and focus on the words you want to stand out. Following these easy steps can make a big difference in the appearance of your blog and make it stand out more in the blogosphere.