dry eye mask
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With the increased use of face masks due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, several people have experienced eye dryness. They have noticed irritation and an unpleasant feeling in the eyes even if they never had a dry eye problem in the past. 

Researchers believe that this problem may be associated with the exhaled air that passes through the gap at the top of the mask. The exhaled air dries out the thin coat of the fluid on the surface of the eyes. That is what causes the eyes to dry. However, there are some measures you can take to soothe dry eyes, such as the dry eye mask. Read below to know more about what you can do to cure this problem. 

Wear a Mask That Fits Properly

The right way to prevent the face marks associated with dry eyes is to choose a mask that fits properly. They should fit right on your face leaving no gaps between marks and the face. It should not allow the air to pass through. There are masks with form-fitting nose wire that can be adjusted to your face. Also, look for face masks with adjustable ear loops that block the air from passing. 

If you wear eye masks for a longer period, consider protecting your eyes with eye-protective goggles. You can also use eye masks for dry eyes right before you go to sleep every day. They can provide relief to dry eyes and recover the fluid. 

Do not Touch or Rub Your Eyes

Irritation in the eyes tempts you to rub them. However, you should totally avoid it. Rubbing your eyes can worsen the situation and injure the eyes. Blink often to allow your eyes to form moisture. Closing the eyes for a while when you want to rub them can also help relieve the itching. 

Take Frequent Breaks

If you have to wear the mask for long hours, try removing it frequently for a short while in a safe area. Use a warm compress, eye drops, or dry eye sleep masks before putting the mask back on. 

Always keep an eye drop on hand to give relief to your eyes when needed. 

Use Warm Compress at Home.

When you are back home and can remove the mask, use a warm compress on the eyes before going to bed. Dry eye masks can lubricate your eyes and bring back moisture. Keeping these masks on for a few minutes can stimulate the glands to form the thin layer of oil on the eyes’ surface. 

You do not have to avoid wearing a face mask. It just needs some precautions and cures to keep dry eyes away. You can find dry eye masks at online stores easily. If not, you can also use a warm compress using warm water and a cloth.  

Use Lubricating Eye Drops

Using lubricating eye drops and repeatedly blinking after short intervals can also help ease dry eye syndrome. 

Eye drops have antioxidants and lipids that provide nourishment to the eyes. They can also reduce itching and burning in the eyes. 

If the situation worsens, visiting a doctor would be preferable. At early stages, using dry eye sleep masks and drops can provide relief. If they do not show any improvement, you should consult a doctor soon. 

Remember that you should not stop wearing face masks as they are essential to stop the spread of COVID 19. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, follow the steps mentioned above regularly or consult your doctor. These precautions will make sure that your eyes stay healthy even after the use of face masks.