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Tips for Event Managers for Hosting Virtual Events

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More and more people in the arts sector, such as comedians, artists, musicians, etc. During the pandemic season, have been running out of business as the pandemic has lasted a good two years and therefore, shifting the art performance over to a virtual field, gives them a creative release, ensures audience engagement, and makes room for them to get paid for the gig they love so much. Any way that we common man can support their business during such trying times would be appreciated, and this revolution could lead to a massive transformation in the future for the way things may be conducted on a virtual platform instead of a physical one – saving time, space and money. 

If you are an artist manager or a manager-less artist from the arts scene in Denver, seeking performance venues that cater to the public, hoping they adopt the virtual platform as a means to gain entertainment just as other OTT platforms, then this is an article aimed at providing you with the right tips for hosting virtual events for arts in Denver

Some Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

  • Begin with a Game Plan – It is absolutely essential that one must, as a manager or artist, have a game plan. Whether one chooses to have a huge or a small online event hosted as a part of the arts in the Denver scene in the coming months, it is essential to have a strategy in place. Having one allows you the room to strategize even in case of any hiccups when it comes to hosting a virtual event. The earlier the planning is sorted, the better the event is hosted. 

The best way to create a game plan for your art event in Denver is by asking yourself these important questions: 

  • What is the experience you aim to create? 
  • Will the arts in Denver event be live, on-demand, or a combination of both? 
  • Where do you want the content to be experienced and seen? 
  • Will there be free access or gated ones? 
  • How will you ensure the smooth promotion of these events? 
  • Can people access the event once it’s done and dusted with?



  • Ensure to Choose the Right Time – Half the battle of hosting a successful event comes from figuring out the right date and time for the event. Regardless of the size and shape of the event, sending confirmations of the date and time of the event could significantly make a difference when hosting an event. Ensure that while planning the time and date of the event, you take into consideration different time zones and global audiences.


  • Promote the Event – By far, the most important aspect of hosting an event during the arts scene in Denver is figuring out the promotion of the event. Using websites that help to categorize your event as one of the main attractions that the city offers, whether online or offline, could help draw the attention of crowds residing in the area as well as visitors in the area. Using a platform that works in your favor is by far the best advice that we can give you. 
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