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Human hair bundles have been enhancing the look of women since centuries. Weaved into a fine bundle of three layers, the thick locks add a hint of extra feminine, lustrous and easy to get look on the face.

Hair extensions not only change the appearance of the face but also protects the hair from any collateral damage that might be incurred in case of any heat or artificial styling thereforth.

Is using bundles on the head a good choice?

Bundles add volume to the hair, there are different lengths according to the amount of dramatic hair layers required. Lengths as same as the original but with layers, elongated lengths with less layering are all different forms of styling to choose from.

Each bundle is made from 100 percent virgin human hair, which gives your natural hair a flaunty bounce to roll about. There are many ways to install your new hair; glue in, sew in or clip ins.

Clip in’s are the easiest for the newbies trying hair bundles. They come in a long weft that are rolled in the shape of a bundle that can be installed with the help of a stylist or by oneself by watching some tutorials.

There are a variety of bundles to choose from as per your requirement and occasion, confused? Check the list below to choose your extension now.


Best suited for natural wavy hair, it is for those who want curls in their hair. They are somewhat in between curls and straights that are either loose or tight. For people wearing straight hair for long, this could be a great change for once.

They have a thick volume yet they are textured. They do not entangle easily and are beautiful and manageable.


They are curly and have thickened volume, it gives a thick and voluminous appearance. The appearance gives a sheen for the healthy looking hair. The waves are smooth and deeper than body waves which requires care and maintenance.

Being durable, soft and dense which brings ease in curling options


Works the best who have naturally straight hair. It can easily blend with your artificially or naturally straightened locks. They compliment any style with ease and lie flat and smooth. Easily maintainable since the cuticles are manageable and easily to maintain.


A tighter bundle that adds volume to the hair and is tighter than deep wave bundles. It easily blends well if you have natural kink in your hair since people won’t be able to tell if it’s natural or weave.

Gives you a natural wavy look, it makes your head look fuller, giving it an additional closure. It can be parted according to the need and gives a natural look.

Choose the type that goes with you

There are many kinds of hairs and often it depends on the decendy you originate from, considering which extension suits the best for your hair according to your stylist, here are some originations from where hair is extracted.

Brazilian human hair:

One of the most popular hair types among black . They are soft, lustrous and durable. It is ideal for those who have straight, wavy or curly hair.

Peruvian human hair:

Popular for its durability and versatility, it can be styled as per requirement.  From straight to curls it can maintain its natural form for a long time.

Indian human hair:

Being thick and shiny they are available usually in longer lengths. They are bouncy, airy and thick.

Thus you have a list of hair to choose from that goes best with whatever style you pick from. Always go with what suits your personality rather than what is trendy or what people say!!


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