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Whether you have a float tube, raft, or a small inflatable boat, you must dry your vessel to prevent mould growth. Beginners often dry their inflatable boats in Perth improperly. This is the primary cause of mould build-up. To keep your inflatable boat healthy, you must keep it dry. You will see signs of mould build up if you don’t dry your boat after use. 

First of all, it smells bad. Secondly, it ruins the looks of your boat. Mould build-up can also cause physical damage to the vessel. So, don’t just remove gravel and sand. Make sure that there is no moisture.

Dry it properly

You need at least two towels to dry your small inflatable boat in the proper way. You need more towels for a large vessel. It is advised to air dry your boat before using towels. 

First of all, remove floors, extra bags, seats and all other accessories from the boat. Once you have removed all the accessories, you will be left with the hull. Now, dry out the outer surfaces of your small inflatable boat using towels. Deflate the floor of the boat. There might be some water build-up inside the boat. Drain that build-up by turning the boat upside down. Grab a new dry towel and dry out areas with water build-up. These areas may also have gravel or sand. Now, deflate the rest of the vessel. Soak up water and moisture using dry towels. It takes time to dry out your small inflatable boat properly.  

Dry it the lazy way 

The lazy way is for busy boat owners. It is not recommended to dry your vessel in a lazy way. If you are a busy individual, let the sun do the job. However, the sun cannot reach all the nooks and corners of the boat. Water and moisture in those areas will promote mould growth. The outer hull should be completely dry. It takes more time to dry a small inflatable boat by exposing it to the sun. The boat may not even dry properly on cloudy days. However, you will not have to do anything.    

You don’t need to thoroughly dry your boat. However, if you want to add a couple of more years to the life of your boat, clean and dry it thoroughly. Keep in mind that mould can eat away the fabric. You don’t need to super dry it if you use your boat only once a week. To ensure 100% protection against mould growth, you should thoroughly clean and dry your small inflatable boat. It is not easy to remove gravel and sand. However, it is moisture and water build-up that leads to mould growth. In case towels don’t help in drying out those creases, you can take the vessel home and use a hairdryer. Keep in mind that the temperature should be low. Don’t hold it against one spot for too long. High temperatures can burn the fabric. Keep in mind that the drying time is not the same for all small inflatable boats. When you buy boats like inflatable boats, rib boats for sale in Perth, you also get a user manual. Refer to the manual before cleaning and drying the boat.