The demands of the condo are very high. The builders are trying their best to come up with the best and advanced-level condominium for the buyers. To meet the market demands, they work with their full determination, and with that, they never forget the uplifted technology and luxury of the people. Better amenities, beliefs, and units are being offered in these new condos. They all are different and have different specifications. So before paying for that, you must check the must-have qualities in your condominium.


Good location

Most people opine location as a cliché but, it is really important when you are going to invest your hard-earned money to buy a house for yourself. After all, you will be known by your location, where you live in. So, there’s no chance to avoid the location selection, when you are planning to be there for a long time.


The location must match your interest, culture, career, and family needs. What would be better than having all these things in a secure location? If agree, then you have good news, a fresh condo with the latest designs and facilities is waiting for you all. It’s in District 15 and is green-covered and named Amber Sea. You can visit official website for Amber Sea at




This is the main thing, which makes condos above all the dwelling options. Luxury units do keep their value and tend to appreciate much at a faster pace. So, making a good investment in a good condo would ultimately give you all the luxury that you desire. While checking for the options, you must consider the interior features, building material used, and even the landscaping of your condo.




A condo is a large property, you have several units in a single block. But this should never compromise the privacy of its owners. The thoughtful brains of good developers provide great satisfaction in terms of privacy also. They put intelligent layouts that help to ensure a good level of privacy. The walls are made soundproof as that if you are sharing your wall to the other side, it will never transfer your sound to the other side.






Modern amenities

The condo is known for its good features and modern lifestyle ways. Today appliances and luxury sitting spaces are back in the race when it comes to amenities. A modern condo, consists of a fully-equipped fitness center, pools, marking gardens, free internet, and other convenient options. Check out Amber Sea map to find out amenities nearby this prestigious development.


Some properties are made so good, that they even contain a small shopping area for their residents.


A new condo in 30 Amber Gardens is about to welcome its residents soon. There’s a long list of eyes, that are waiting eagerly to have a view of its apartments. If you also want to check this beautiful condo, then the 3D virtual tour is just a bit away. It will include the project presentation and consultation with the same representative.


It has all essential features necessary to meet the present needs of the market and to suit individual’s tendencies as well.