Choosing an Award-Winning Foundation for Acne-Prone Black Skin.
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Most of us are aware that women with dark skin are more prone to acne and pigmentation. So this is why, when the summer spring is approaching, choosing a good foundation for black women becomes an eminent thing. Well, we can’t deny the fact that this challenge is something very much similar to gambling in Vegas; success is uncertain. Expectations can be more and better than reality; however, making mistakes can also be expensive.

With the base of so many options, one needs to learn, research, and adapt a foundation product that works in the long run. Today, we are here with a few tips that will help find that holy grail liquid foundation for black women in an easier way. 


If you are new to all of this, definitely, you must have heard it for the first time. Undertone is the factor that depicts your natural skin tone, which can be possibly cool (pink, red, blue), warm (yellow, gold), or neutral (olive). Simply take a look at your wrist veins. If they are:

  • Green, then you have got a warm undertone
  • Blue, then undertone is cool. 


Whether you prefer to buy a powder foundation for black women that are exclusively trending on the internet or something in a liquid base, choosing a suitable color is another key aspect that can’t be ignored. Some tads prefer to test the shade on their wrist or hands. However, experts recommend trying it on your chest or neck. After all, no one would love to see their face estranged from the rest of the body. 


Without any doubt, every black woman has a different skin type, which can be oily, dry, or combination. This is where our perspective of buying a suitable formula comes into play. We prefer to discover matte, natural, and dewy finishes in detail. A pro tip is to always choose a foundation with a hydrating formula to protect and nourish the skin. For instance, you can try on something that is transfer and sweatproof and makes sure that your skin pores are not clogged in any way. 

At the same time, if your skin experiences acne or eczema-like problems, then go with a foundation with cornflower, chamomile, or calendula extracts. Putting it in simple words, a foundation with similar ingredients and kaolin clay will have antibacterial and soothing properties, which will keep the oils at bay while assuring medium coverage. So don’t be afraid of playing with different finishes and coverages. 


Lastly, all the chapters come to an end in a sentence. Find what works the best for you or a good foundation for black women trending all over. Having enough knowledge will also help, but you need to keep few aspects in your mind, that is: 

  • Having several undertones is something common. 
  • Picking a foundation shade that is in between is also a great idea
  • Shop a foundation that is free from sulfates, parabens, talcs, dyes, fragrances and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 
  • Adding full coverage to your face and sheer coverage to the body is an expert trick to try, especially if you have acne-prone skin. 
  • Customize a shade by mixing two different shades and playing around with matte and dewy finishes. 

So what’s your favorite pick in foundations? Does that feel buttery smooth on your skin? How seamless is the formula to your skin? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to read them!