Five Tips to Make your Office a Healthier Place

The line “Health is wealth” never grows old. And rightly so! Unfortunately, many of us spend a significant portion of our waking hours seeking monetary wealth, often at the expense of our health.

An average American spends more than eight hours a day working at an office. Because of this, it is only right to make our offices healthier not just for our work but for us workers as well.

Here, we provide you with five things that you can do to make your office a healthier place:

1. Organize your thoughts

This seems like a self-explanatory one, but organizing your stuff in a way that helps you concentrate and think clearly is a significant factor for your mental health. If you keep having to search for things like staplers and such, that can add to your stress level. So go and keep your items where they’ll be easy to find, and be sure to keep those that you often use near you.

2. Use proper lighting

The type of light you use affects your mood and, of course, the health of your eyes. Fluorescent tubes work well for a lot of workplaces. However, you’d notice that its light starts to get dimmer after quite some time. Some experts recommend using LED lights, but you can choose different lighting equipment and use them in different parts of your office. If possible, it’s also recommended to let natural daylight in through your windows. Not only does it cut down electrical costs, but it also instantly brightens and freshens up the workplace.

3. Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels

Room temperature can affect your productivity, your mood, as well as your respiratory health. To make temperature and humidity levels work for your advantage, it’s advisable to use a highly functioning cooling or heating device, whichever is suitable for the conditions of your room.

4. Have a fridge or water dispenser near the work area

It’s easy to forget about hydration when you are caught up with work. To help with this, it’s ideal to have an easily accessible source of drinkable water near you. Drinking water several times while working also helps freshen up your mind. Also, it’s another reason to stand and stretch for a while, which is healthy for your body.

5. Use body-friendly furniture

Ergonomic furniture, such as desks and chairs, helps you retain proper posture even when you’re mentally occupied with work. This means that you are less likely to experience physical strain, and you can focus better on the task at hand. No matter how busy you are, not taking deliberate care of your health is never a good idea. So go ahead and start making your workspace not just a machine for wealth but also a sanctuary for your health.