Finding the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad or any other city across the county can be challenging. As a parent, when your kid takes the first step, the search for the best school begins. 

With rising technology and facilities, schools are no longer just about the curriculum. Nowadays, most parents are on a quest for an international school to give their kids exposure to different cultures. They want their child to be future-ready, and these schools help with the same. 

The well-structured curriculum and top-notch facilities of international schools help students maximize learning opportunities. These schools not just cover syllabus that is accepted all around the world but also have qualified educators. The main focus is to offer the little one a better career graph every parent needs to take the right step ahead at the initial stages itself. 

Across the globe, there are a plethora of schools offering similar curriculum and the best exposure. If you are looking for the best Ahmedabad International Schools, the options here are quite wide. The city has some of the best schools offering everything from extracurricular activities to IB, CBSE curricula.

Hence to make it easier for all the parents to choose the right curriculum and favorable environment for their kid, here’s a list of the top 10 Ahmedabad International Schools. 

Global Indian International School 

The only brand that has set a benchmark for all other international schools in Ahmedabad in terms of best education is GIIS Ahmedabad. The school is known for its holistic scholarship programs and the one-of-a-kind unique education approach. It gives students global exposure just while teaching them in their highly interactive classrooms. 

The school has already won over six international awards, including the most prestigious Asia Pacific awards for educational excellence. GIIS Ahmedabad offers two curricula, Global Montessori and CBSE. Moreover, all the classrooms here are of open concept design and have the best ultra-modern facilities. 

Olive Green International School

OGIS Ahmedabad is yet another best international school in Ahmedabad, providing high-class education. They have well-trained faculty members employing innovative teaching methods for each kid. Being a co-ed English medium school, OGIS has educational programs that are a blend of international methodologies and current market demands. The teacher-student ratio here is 1:15, which means more individual attention to all future leaders.

Mahatma Gandhi International School

MGIS Ahmedabad offers a top-notch curriculum that helps students learn real-life meaningful lessons. The school even provides partial and full scholarships to deserving students. They have excellent teaching faculties and facilities. Students here are well trained just not to excel in academics but also perform quite well in sports. And that’s the reason why students from Mahatma Gandhi International school have won medals at the National Karate Championship, back in 2008.

GEMS Genesis International School

From providing a global standard of education in a supportive environment to helping students find their true potential, GEMS Genesis International School is one of a kind International school in Ahmedabad. The school offers a vast array of facilities like spacious labs, a library, a sports ground and much more. Moreover, the school aims to give recognition to kids at an early age itself.  That’s the reason why many kids here have already won regional awards for arts, sports, and academics.


All in all, the above-mentioned are the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad for a child’s holistic development. For example, the 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship Program by GIIS Ahmedabad, applicable exclusively for the CBSE curriculum.

It’s an award-winning framework that encourages students to not just focus on academics, but kids’ overall growth. It’s something that every school needs to concentrate on, because Talent Based Development Is All That Matters Now!