It’s great to be able to display your love for your pet. Getting a pet lover t-shirt designed for summer is the best way to do so. These t-shirts not only show the world your love for animals, but they also keep you cool. You can easily get a dog mom t-shirt that you will feel is perfect for you. Or even a dog lover t-shirt for your mom. There are a wide variety of t-shirts designed especially for pet lovers.

You can even find t-shirts that have been designed for your favorite dog breed. From short-sleeve pug t-shirts with the perfect summer weight. To fun and hilarious t-shirts that are very comfortable to wear while performing your routine tasks. There are plenty of options for pet lovers to choose from.

Here are a few of the most popular pet lover t-shirts that celebrate man’s best friend

Classic Dog Mom Tee

This t-shirt is an excellent choice for running on the track or walking your dog. This simple athletic-type t-shirt displays your love for dogs with an acute paw design. Available in over six sizes, these t-shirts are usually sold in shades of gray and white.

Classic Dog Dad Tee

You take good care of your dog with everything you do for it. Be it filling its bowl with food and water or taking it for regular walks. You’re always there for it, just like it’s always there for you. Giving it hugs, petting it, lavishing it with good dog praises. Every dog Dad deserves this classic Dog Dad tee.

Dogs Before Dudes

A loose and comfy tank with a low underarm drop. Perfect for those who will always love dogs more than dudes. The large block letters look great on black, grey, and white tees and clearly state your priorities.

Any Dog Can Be a Guide Dog

while walking your dog, do you ever wonder who is walking whom? Jokes apart, this tee comes with funny hand-drawn graphics. Little dog paws along with a dog food bowl, these unisex tees are available in five colors.

This Dog Lives to Herd

It’s a good comfortable tee with a low-slung neckline that’s a humorous ode to a dog’s natural desire to establish order through herding. It displays dog antics such as ball chasing, bird hunting, or the cacophony of dogs wrestling in the dog park.

Frenchie In a Coogi Sweater

This adorable French bulldog in a sweater and nerd glasses is a pretty t-shirt. You get to choose between cap sleeves, curve cuts, or boxy cut styles.

Dog Lover Ringer Tee

This vintage-style t-shirt is a trendy design with rings around the sleeves along with a front tie.

For Lovers of Larger Dogs

If you like big dogs, you’ll appreciate this in XXL size, which gives Sir-Mix-A-Lot credit for his famous ode to derrieres. A hip-hop legend, this fun song is a hilarious way to express your love for large dogs.

Dorkie Yorkie

A fun wordplay is available in 100% cotton and semi-capped sleeves in a cute cut. This t-shirt is a must-have; it comes with a funny visual aid of dogs wearing thick glasses with bow ties.

Paws, Paws, Paws

This tee comes with cute paw prints all over it. It makes you wish that your kitchen floor was covered with paws of happy, muddy little puppies. You can even get these tees in plus sizes with black on grey shades.

May I Pet Your Dog?

Available in turquoise, black, and white this racerback tank shouts out your desire to pet all dogs. Coming in an unsubtle design, the large text on the tee shouts out for you.

Giant Pug Face

This tee devoted to the adorable pug leaves no doubt to question your loyalty to this breed. A unisex t-shirt you get them in adult and kid sizes too in the black lab and golden colors. You can even purchase this tee with a hoodie.

Pit Bull Kisses 4-Eva.

This tee, which comes in various colors, highlights the pit’s best feature, her tongue. Anyone who’s put their face close to a pit bull has experienced the full face, large, and long tongue swipe from these affectionate dogs. These tees are available in various styles, including v-neck, ringer, and different fabric blends.


These are sturdy 100% cotton tees designed for people who love a good dog pic. There are even designs with a pack of dogs of different varieties. Available in eight different sizes, you will find one that’s perfect for you.

Straight to the Heart

Your dog is your best friend and is always right beside you. Even if you have to walk through rain or wind or snow, your dog will always be by your side. This t-shirt is available in a long-sleeve option, perfect for cold weather.