For applicants who are based outside of Australia’s borders, the Partner Visa Visa Subclass 309 provisional and 100 permanent can be a two-stage application. Visa Subclass 309 is often referred to as a married Visa, de facto Visa, or Spouse Visa. Despite the term, applicants are applying for two connected visas at the same time. In most cases, the Subclass 309 Visa will be issued first, with a two-year processing time before the Subclass 100 Visa is granted (permanent visa).

The Minimum Eligibility for a 309 Visa

  • Must be married or in a de facto partnership with your partner.
  • Partner must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia or a qualifying New Zealand citizen.
  • Partner must sponsor you for this visa if he is above the age of 18.
  • Personality and health requirements.

Duration of Stay for Permanent Partner Visa 100th subclass

  • For the time being, before a partner visa 100 is issued.
  • Indefinitely for a 5-year travel period, during which you will need to apply for a
  • Subclass 155 or 157 Resident Return visa to prolong your travel period.

Processing Time For Visa Subclass 309

– Partner Provisional Visa Subclass 309, 75% of visa applications are processed within 16 months and 90% are processed within 20 months. Furthermore,

– Partner Migrant Visa 100, 75% of visa applications are processed within 23 months, and 90% of visa applications are processed within 33 months.

What Would I Do For a Partner Visa 309?

Subclass 309 Partner Visa

  • You have the right to serve in Australia.
  • You have the right to review in Australia, but you will not be eligible for government grants for tertiary education.
  • You should sign up for Medicare, Australia’s prescription insurance and hospitalization program.
  • You are entitled to visit or stay in Australia with your partner until a decision on your permanent visa is made.

100 Permanent Partner Visa

  • You and your companion are allowed to visit or stay in Australia.
  • You have the right to figure and research in Australia.
  • You may be eligible for such Social Security benefits.
  • You will be able to apply for Australian citizenship.
  • You could sign up for Australia’s medical treatment system and Medicare.

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