Jewelry trends of 2021 that will swoon you

If we talk about last year then we have only one word for it and that is Thank God. The pandemic and zoom app is leading a new era of a waist-up dressing that puts jewelry, especially earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants on the fashion trend.

 If you want a sneak peek of what you will be seeing you can accept things like updated gemstones, diamond-accented necklaces, gemstone solitaire pendant necklaces, and major earrings that will give you a camera- ready look for virtual meetings. And if you don’t want too much heavy jewelry, you can go on with dainty pendants and other metals. With this let’s talk about the best 2021 jewelry trends that you can shop from Chordia Jewels and add a timeless treasure to your jewelry collection.

Diamond Accented Necklace

An accented diamond necklace is referring to a necklace that contains small pieces of diamonds place with a large stone in a jewelry piece. These diamonds have mostly come in three shapes baguette, trillion cut, and small round diamond. These were highly popular in 2021 for their stunning design and pretty stone that they carry with necklaces. This necklace will provide you a striking look that you can carry with every outfit.

Gemstone Solitaire Pendant Necklace

 This solitaire pendant carries one center stone that captures every one attention with its sound setting and dazzling stone. This stylish neckpiece is a perfect statement necklace that will highlight your neck. These are solitaire pendant necklaces are available in various types of stones of varied sizes at Chordia Jewels. These pretty necklaces are going to be the most followed jewelry trend of 2021.

Solitaire Halo Diamond Studs

These seem to be some classic jewelry. The solitaire diamond stud earrings are undeniable a superior choice of earrings to be wear. These earrings can be worn on any occasion or festival. At Chordia Jewels we provide you these earrings in different designs and different metals.

Diamond Solitaire Drop Earrings

A pair of diamond solitaire drop earrings look elegant when you wear them. They surely capture attention because of their sparkle. These will glitter your eyes with their shine that you will be unable to ignore. Like diamond solitaire is also found in different shapes- round, princess, emeralds, cushion, pear, etc. These round and princess cuts are the most popular shapes.

Solitaire Stud Earrings

A perfect pair of elegant earrings can highlight your facial features and make you look more impressive. These studs will add charm to your beauty. These are easy wearable on daily basis also. Make a standout addition to your earrings collection with these adorable solitaire studs available at Chordia Jewels.

Dainty Necklaces

Dainty necklaces set an immense impact on the overall look and style of the wearer. At the very least time, these become the most popular jewelry piece and become a symbol of the simple jewelry moment. This jewelry piece focuses on the wearer more than itself.


These solitaire earrings go completely with ethnic sarees and formal ladies suits. These provide an astonishing look to the wearer. A modern-day appearance is all about sparkle with danglers. Dangle earrings are versatile pair of jewelry.

Solitaire Rings

These are the most comfortable as well as elegant ring piece. These come in an extensive range of stones with contrasting colors and shapes. These are matchless pieces of jewelry that can be pair up with every outfit. These rings always remain in trend because of its timeless style.

Halo Rings

Halo rings are the most loved design that always remains in trends. These rings are the second most popular ring choice of the people. With time these rings are present in different halo styles that make them modern-day’s rings.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings were the most stylish pair of earrings in 2021. These earrings were highly popular in the 80s but they went disappear for a short period of time and now they come with a big boom. Hoop earrings symbolize international fashion. These provide an attractive look to the wearer.