best at-home manicure
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Any woman should be able to give herself a pretty manicure whenever she desires to, without having to worry about salon appointments, salon finish, messing up nail paint, etc. it should be as simple as breathing, well, not breathing, but close. Honestly, it is not even that difficult as it is hyped to be, and you can totally give yourself one at home, anytime. 

When we talk about manicures, we often imagine a salon, a nail expert working on the nails, you relaxing on a chair. Everything feels nice till the billing part comes in the picture, and you just burst your cloud of imagination. Yes, since manicures are trendy, they can cost you fortunes. But you don’t need to spend that much money to enjoy a good manicure. All you need is a simple step to step manicure guide to enjoy the best at-home manicure. 

Step-1 The most important step for a manicure is that if you are doing it at home, you must clean your nails with nail remover to remove any residue on them, even if you don’t have any nail color. It helps you to clean the unnecessary dirt on them. It will help you to give a natural finish to your nails. 

Step-2 second step is to cut your nails to the length you want and file them in the shape you want. There are many shapes like straight, round, etc. 

Step-3 The third step is to push back your cuticles with the cuticle remover. Do not remove your cuticles, as they help to protect your nails from bacteria.

Step-4 fourth step is to scrub your hands and wrist to remove the dead skin cells and give a natural glow to your skin. After scrubbing, make sure to use the moisture on your hand and cuticles.

Step-5 fifth step is to apply the base coat to hydrate your nails. Then apply the first coat of the color you want. After that, go for the second and final coat to complete your at home manicure.

Additional tip:

  • The first tip is not to be so hard on your nails while scrubbing to avoid any type of cuts. As it can peel off your skin and even give you rashes and this is the one thing you will not want as it gives an open area for any kind of infection.
  • The second tip is to apply the second coat on the pattern of the first coat only to avoid any kind of mixing as it looks very messy, and pack it with the final coat to give a classy look to your hands.
  • Isn’t it frustrating when you Are drying your nail paint, and you can’t do anything? You feel powerless as it is at the risk of spoiling your nail paint. Then you can go for another method which is dipping your hands in cold water. You can put your hands in cold water, which will dry your nails quickly.

This is a step to step guide to give yourself a manicure at home.