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For many people, email management is simply shifting the inbox messages to the right folders. If you make any mistake in the process, it generally doesn’t affect you much. But the story is a bit different in the case of a business. 

For business entities, email management is a very important task that directly impacts their growth. That’s why many of them use email management softwares or free team task management tools.

But is investing in such softwares really helpful? 

Here are some major benefits that your business will experience by using it. Read them and then make your decision:

Increased Productivity

You might not have noticed this yet, but your email management costs your productivity and even money. 

In a survey by National Technology Readiness, it was found that the time utilised in deleting spam emails had an economic impact of  $21.6 billion in 2004. And the number went to 5 million per day in June 2006. 

Can you believe that the time you waste on deleting your emails costs so much?

In that survey, it was also concluded that if somehow this time is decreased, it’ll have a great positive impact on your productivity. 

Using a free online task manager software or email management software like Folio by Amitree, you can boost the efficiency of your email management. This softwares allows you to spend less time on deleting your waste mails and more time dealing with your clients, thus saving you money and time while increasing your productivity.

Decreased Litigation Cost

You might say that your email management system is completely fine, and you have stored all the important inbound and outbound emails properly. Suppose. you are asked to submit all the email exchanges filtered according to date and time. 

Are you confident that all your emails are properly listed? If not, then it’s time to install the best email management software in your systems. These softwares also have free online task managers.  This way, you can save your employee from wasting time on laborious unfruitful tasks like keeping track of emails. 

Decrease In The Security Threats

Viruses that come along with spam emails can cost your business a lot- from exposing your customer information to important assets of a company. Even a small breach in data will not only cost you a good amount of money but also your image in the market. The best part about using email management softwares is the security it offers. Your emails will be stored and managed under tight security, minimising the chances of data loss due to virus threats. 

Final words

With these benefits, it’s clear that using email management software is the right choice for your business. And talking about the right choice,  Folio by Amitree is one such softwares that you must try. Visit to know about it in detail.