If you want to ensure that you always have access to the most current, usable, and error-free financial records and information for your business, creating backups of your Quickbooks data is essential. Backup company files can be used to restore accounting data in the event of a computer crash or to undo recent changes. If you run into trouble, a backup can help you get out of it.

Want to create a backup of your company’s data and you don’t know how to backup it, then you don’t need to worry. In today’s blog, we are going to tell you how to create a backup file for the QuickBooks company file. Simply creating a backup allows you to restore your data in the event of a problem.

Backup the Company Data in QuickBooks Desktop

Backing up company data in QuickBooks is easy when you follow these simple steps. Let’s look at how to back up your company data in QuickBooks.

  1. Begin by choosing a backup company from the file menu.
  2. Once the new window has opened, click on the backup copy button to continue.
  3. In the next screen, select the local backup.
  4. Navigate to the folder or location where you want to save your file.
  5. Alternatively, you can browse and save the backup to any external device, such as a hard drive or thumb drive, by browsing and saving it first.

We’ll now move on to the process of setting up preferences.

  • Choose to include the backup file’s date and time in the backup file’s metadata.
  • At any given time, set a limit on the number of backups that you wish to keep on hand.
  • You can also set a reminder for the company file backup.
  • When you save, select the option to verify that the company data is correct.
  • A message suggests that you complete your certification.
  • The following step is to confirm that you want to save the file on the local device by selecting yes and then the next button.
  • When you want to save your file, select any of the options. Now or Now and schedule future backup.
  • It is recommended that you select the second option, now and schedule future backups.
  • After that, you will be prompted to schedule a backup of the file.

Choose any of the following:

  1. Set to back up after a certain number of file closures.
  2. Set up a backup schedule (recommended)

How to manually create a backup of your company file

  1. As a last resort, you can always make a backup of your company’s files on your own.
  2. Go to the File menu in QuickBooks and select Single-user mode.
  3. Go back to the File menu and select the option to “Back up
  4. Company” once again. Click on Create Local Backup to start the process of creating a backup.
  5. Select Local Backup in the window and then click Next.
  6. Under Local Backup Only, click Browse and navigate to the location where you want to save your backup company’s backup company file.
  7. Decide how many back-ups you’d like to have. This is a completely optional step.
  8. Prior to saving, this performs a check to ensure that your backup file is in good shape.
  9. Click the OK button when you’re finished.
  10. Next, select Save it now.

QuickBooks creates a single backup company file for you to work with when needed. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a confirmation message.

We hope that the steps outlined above will assist you greatly in making a backup of your company file in QuickBooks. If you still encounter any difficulties in carrying out the steps outlined above, we recommend that you contact our experts. We have a highly skilled team and will be able to provide all of the assistance and services you require whenever you require them.