knee sleeves
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Amongst athletics, knee injuries are quite a common yet significant problem. Many athletes have to be out of the game for an extended period due to knee injuries. Even a slight concern gives a lot of pain and takes much time to heal when it’s about a knee injury. Gym goers also look for protection to their knees as they know how challenging the injury will be. Here, weightlifting knee sleeves come to the rescue to prevent a long-term knee issue. Before knowing when to use them, let’s have some knowledge about knee sleeves. 

What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves are different from knee braces. They work phenomenally when doing heavy lifting exercises and give immense support. Moreover, they don’t hinder the movement of joints during a workout. For every reader, keep in mind not to use knee sleeves if went through severe knee injury or surgery. In such a scenario, knee braces come in handy or better to consult a doctor for wearing the right knee support. 

Knee sleeves act as prevention and shield the knee from future risk. That’s why many athletes, while practicing and even during the game, wear knee sleeves to avoid injury. Plus, one can easily get the knee sleeves for squats or performing any other exercise such as running, jumping, etc. Going without them means putting knee life at risk. 

They have a valuable compression element that increases our blood flow which reduces inflammation or any sort of pain because of a heavy workout. Few people have experienced swelling around their knees after an exercise, so the support of knee sleeves will fight against the concern again. 

When to Use Knee Sleeves?

Coming to the topic, knee sleeves can be worn for a short period of time. In other words, there is no rigid rule to wear throughout the gym session. There are people who feel itching or any discomfort that doesn’t allow them to concentrate on their workout. For such people, knee sleeves can be worn for a short time. While doing deadlifts, legs exercise, squats, running, and jumping, it’s better to wear knee sleeves. 

Newbies may find it challenging when wearing knee sleeves for the first time or initial days. But after the passage of time, everyone gets used to it and doesn’t feel like they have to wear something extra. One can look for CrossFit knee sleeves as they give additional protection and are highly comfortable. These knee sleeves adjust with the motion or movement of the knees at which point one may doubt its protection feature. But actually, they are giving high protection by allowing the knee to make its flexible movements. 

Final Shot 

Knee sleeves are a savior to all the people wearing them. Even the trainers suggest wearing them to ensure safety throughout the workout time. It’s an essential asset for gym enthusiasts as it limits the pain while supporting the knees. Moreover, getting it from a reliable source and in good quality will make a difference; otherwise, one may not feel much change.