6 Guest Blogging Rules You Must Follow to Become Successful

Guest blogging has become a weapon in blogosphere. There are tremendous benefits by guest posting on other blogs. If you want to become a successful guest blogger, you must follow few rules.

Guest blogging rules to follow to become a successful guest blogger

1. Analyze the blog to know their target readers

Before starting a successful guest blogging campaign, you should find and analyze the targeted blogs in your niche. Find out what are the topics they cover and who are their targeted readers. This simple practice can bring you lots of information of what to write, how to write and which topics to cover on your targeted guest blogs.

Don’t write guest posts for any blog without knowing their readers, that could become a sin for your guest blogging journey. Always spend time to analyze the blog which is in your ‘hit list’.

2. Read & follow the guest posting rules

This is a no brainer, most blogs which accept guest post will put some guest posting guidelines to make it easy for those bloggers who wants to guest post on their blogs.

The blog owners will cover which topics to write about and what benefits you will get if you submit guest posts on their blogs etc. This will clarify most of your doubts about your targeted blogs and makes you extremely easy to choose the blogs whether or not to consider for your guest blogging campaign.

3. Build relationships – not links

Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers start guest blogging on other blogs just for the sake of links. They give excessive links to the same pages (most of the times to their home pages) from their guest posts.

This is REALLY a bad way to start your guest blogging journey. Give importance to build great relationships with the blog owners. This can you help you get better results on your blogs in the long run.

When you are guest posting ONLY for back links to your sites, you actually don’t care about the quality of the articles. You simply write what others are saying or whatever comes to your mind. This won’t give you good results for your online businesses.

4. Give more online visibility

Whenever your guest post gets published on ANY blog, your first priority should be to promote your guest posts. No matter how busy you are with your blogs or daily routine, set aside some time to promote your guest posts on all the social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and encourage your readers to comment on your guest posts.

This way you can make great impact on your targeted guest blog owner’s mind. Once if your guest posts go viral on their blogs, they will love to see guest posts from you again and again.

5. Respond to the commenters and engage with them

Most guest bloggers don’t give much importance to responding to the comments on their guest posts. If you want to become successful in guest blogging, your top priority should be building a BOND with other bloggers.

You can only do this when you respond to each and every blog comment on your guest posts. If it’s not possible, respond to those comments which add value to the guest posts. And extend the interaction with them, encourage them to visit your blogs or specific blog posts, this way you can grab their attention to read your blogs.

What if you find negative comments on your guest posts?

Remember, there will be always haters in this world no matter what. Negative comments and/or trolls can annoy any blogger. The ONLY tactic you can use on negative comments is, ‘ignore them totally’. You don’t need to respond to those people who don’t add value in their comments. First verify yourself whether the comments add value to the posts or not, if they are just meant to hurt you, ignore them.

6. Write keyword rich guest posts

If you want to create a great impression in the blogging world with your guest posts, you should be writing ‘timeless content’. Don’t cover what all others are saying, keep your thoughts and ideas fresh, and write keyword rich contents on your guest posts.


When you optimize your blog posts for the search engines with the potential keywords, you will tend to get more traffic from the search engines in the long run. This is a win-win approach both for you and the targeted blog owner (where you guest post).

Because everyone likes to publish those guest posts which give lots of value and decent amount of traffic from the search engines. You don’t have to keyword stuff your guest posts though, make sure you are doing proper keyword research and placing the primary keywords in the proper places like head tags, meta description, sub heads, and image ‘alt tags’ to get more visibility from the search engines.

Bonus: Give credits whenever needed

If you are using images from other sources or quoting any blog tips from other sites, give credits to the original sources. This will create a good impression on you and your guest posts.

Let me know if you have any more guest blogging rules to become successful.