Charity events have become so common and people love to arrange as well as attend the charitable events often for a noble cause. If you have ever attended an event, you surely have witnessed either the organizers or the attendees following the same t-shirt pattern.

They are the customized tees that are the new trend in the market. Cool, isn’t it? The customized t-shirt gets noticed by the audience, even after the charity event or any other event. So, it would be great if you get a custom-printed tee for any event. 

As we are talking about charity here, the charity tees serve as the motivation for the participants and also a promotional tool both for the event and sponsors.

People will still remember it after the event and whenever it gets worn, you will get noticed. If you are planning to prepare your customized digital apparel printing, you need to specifically consider some important things! 

Don’t pick white color 

Since white is a preferred choice for charity events, they will cost you less than the colored ones. But it does not have a long-lasting life. The white tees easily get marks that are clearly visible. 

This does not happen with colored t-shirts. The participants will keep walking for your event throughout the year and white is not considered an ideal choice to grab everyone’s attention. 

Keep the weather in mind 

When you decide on a color for your customized t-shirt, keep a check on the place where the event is going to be organized. In summers, black is not considered a good option as it absorbs the heat and makes the person sweaty.

Choose light colors for the t-shirt for the appropriate comfort of event participants. The colors of the customized t-shirt should also pair up with the event’s cause for more effect. 

If the event is related to any health issue like cancer, choosing pink will be an appropriate choice.

Don’t include the date 

Putting the date in a t-shirt is an old culture as is not liked by any person now. Moreover, the t-shirt will be created for multiple wears, so adding a date will not work in this process. 

If you wish that the participants of the event wear the customized t-shirt from now, make the other phrase printed instead of a year. 

Simple will work 

Charitable events mean you will have many sponsors at your back which you want to thank by any means. If you have any plans of printing the logos of sponsors on the t-shirt’s back, this can ruin the look of the tee. 

The back of the t-shirt should be used for only 1-2 sponsors. Not only your sponsor will get an exclusive subjection, but the value of ad placement will also get increased. The t-shirt will give an ultimate look and will also be loved by the audience out there. 

Logo design

When you pick a logo for your customized t-shirt, keep one thing in mind. It should be resonant with the audience attending the event. Your message of the event should be clear and simple so that everyone gets it easily. 

The easy-to-understand message make more effect than a confusing one. Don’t keep the logo focus on the smaller crowd. Also, choose the colors of the logo that supplement the color of the t-shirt too. In the case of a dark logo, the pairing t-shirt should be of light color otherwise the logo becomes invisible. 

Opt for tech fashion 

Whether you know it or not, both the runners and walkers are adopting high-tech fashion. You should invest some more money in getting a staging t-shirt so that the participants will get a sporty feel about the event. 

Performance t-shirts are in great demand nowadays with polyester fabric so that the participants get annoyed with the sweaty feel. These t-shirts give them a dry feel even after the stout workout sessions. 

Why customized t-shirts are popular?

As we all know that customized t-shirts by t shirt screen printing are perfect for marketing strategy. Whether it is about a charitable event or any other, it helps in promoting and advertising a brand in a tenuous way. 

In the case of corporate events, they serve a great purpose for an organization, so everything related to it should be top-notch. 

If you aim for any marketing plan, then the customized t-shirt should be your ideal choice. Pick the customized t-shirts for the event team and you will be amazed to see how they will work for your company’s approval. 

The customized tee with the logo printed on it will stand for your team and your brand will be remembered even when the event ends.

So, invest the proper time and effort to pick the perfect color, design, and pattern for your customized t-shirt for the charitable event.