Women In Athletic Tops
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As you know the stakes get higher when you exercise. With every workout session your breasts start tracing a butterfly shape due to the movement that happens not only sideways but in and out too. Therefore women’s athletic tops play a vital role in defining the shape of your bust when you workout. If we talk about the cut in the unnecessary movement caused due to workout, a good sports bra can do that effortlessly. And this being essential in sparring structure to your breast, should be chosen wisely. 

Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a tank top or t-shirt for workout but what kind of bra you are putting on to keep your breasts secure does matter. With that being said, here are few tips that you should consider while choosing women’s athletic tops in order to maximise your lift and keep your breasts in shape.

Bust Support

When we talk about high intensity workouts for women, the only thing matters is bust support. And this can be only achieved when you are wearing the right type of women’s athletic top. As your busts are undergoing different levels of impact while workouts, it is necessary to understand the importance of a good sports bra. For example a low impact workout like yoga can be done with a light support bra that does not provide unnecessary compression. For moderate activities, you can go for a sports bra that is known for optimal support. But when you are into high intensity workout sessions, all you need is a bra with strong support and reduced bust movement.

Perspiration Wicking

Almost every women’s bikini tops have perspiration wicking qualities. But this does not mean that you can go for bikini tops at the gym. You definitely need a sports bra for the best results. For the low intensity workout sessions, choose soft fabric that does not hinder your freedom to move. But in medium or high intensity workout sessions, opt a bra that has technical fabric and provides amazing perspiration wicking quality.


Comfort is one of the most evident needs that decides how good you can perform. Only if you are comfortable at the gym, you can perform better. Also, comfort of a women’s athletic top depends on factors like size of the bra, fabric of the bra and of course its fit. If all three of these factors align well then you have found your perfect bra. Choose soft stretchy fabrics that have adjustments to fit in the right manner.

The Right Fit

When we talk about the fit of the bra, it can be intimidating as well as confusing to understand. Women’s athletic tops are mostly chosen by trial and error method. You can never settle on the perfect size and fit for a sports bra without trying them on. While you buy a sports bra please make sure that its band sits properly under your breast, it has fitted shoulder straps which cause no uncomfort by digging in the skin. The brsa should be stretchable, sturdy and should not make your flesh bulge out under the arms or above the breast.