If you spend most of your time in the sun, the result would be the darkening of the skin due to melanin pigmentation. Different people have different perspectives related to outdoor activities. 

Some people don’t think much of the tan and keep enjoying the outdoors while others try their best to avoid the tanning when they are out. 

When you are out in the sun, the harmful UV rays cause damage to the skin, resulting in tanning or sunburns. Not only this but there are also some other major threatening risks that can be caused due to immoderate sun exposure. 

Some serious issues like skin cancer, early aging, or eye damage can also be caused due to excessive sun exposure. This is more witnessed when you are involved in extreme outdoor activities. 

It is not a bad option though, the only thing you need to take care of is taking some extra precautions for getting prevention from tanning and overexposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays. 

Have a look at what you can do to prevent sun damage!

1. Avoiding the peaking hours 

It is totally understood that you want to be outdoors as too much indoors can be boring. But try to avoid the periods when the sunlight is at its peak. Don’t organize any outdoor activity between the hours when the ultraviolet rays are brawny. 

At this duration, remain outdoors under the cooling breeze of air conditioning Sydney into your room. The harmful UV rays are more powerful at a higher elevation, during the season of late spring and summers, and in regions close to the equator. So, it is advised to stay indoors specifically to these durations and go outside only if necessary.

2. Take care of clothing 

Clothing is an important asset when we talk about body tanning. You should always wear shielding clothes as they will serve as an effective way to get your skin protected from the harmful UV rays while performing outdoor activities. Do you know what should be the ideal clothing for tanning prevention? 

It can be: 

  • Either bright or dark-colored fabric, having the UV protection factor as compared to light-colored clothing 


  • Lightweight fabric that is knitted densely. If the light gets passed into the fabric, the UV rays may also get passed through it to your skin. 


  • Long sleeve shirt or tops, and long pants so that less part of your skin will come in direct contact with the sunlight. This type of cloth will protect your body from tanning. If shorts are your preferred choice, try to wear long pants at least so that thighs get covered. Other stuff is collared shirts for neck protection from tanning.


  • Buying clothes with having a UPF rating on the label. They are specifically designed for sun protection and are a good option to go with. Look for a UPF rating of 30 or more than it for valuable protection.

3. Useful accessories 

Along with the proper clothing, you should pay equal attention to the accessories too. Wear a hat for face protection and sunglasses for eye care. Both the face skin and eyes are sensitive to exposure to the sun, which means you need to be extra protective about these areas during outdoor ventures. 

Wear extra accessories like hats, sunglasses, and scarves to keep yourself protected. Similar to clothing, there are many brands that particularly design the accessories for sun protection to restrain the risks.

  • You can choose a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, neck, ears, and shaven hair spots too. Such hats are also particularly designed for shielding the areas from sunlight.


  • Buy the sunglasses that provide full UV ray protection. Don’t get confused with light or dark tinted lenses, the gloom of the lens does not decide the protection from sun damage.

4. Look for shady areas

The shade does not completely block the UV rays, but when it is collectively integrated with the other steps that have been mentioned above, you will surely get relief from the heat and protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

If you have to participate in the outdoor activities, look for the areas having natural shade or prepare your own shade with an umbrella to get protected from the harmful UV exposure during the peak hours. 

Bottom Lines 

Your skin needs special care to get protected from tanning. You should spend most of your time indoors in ducted air conditioning Sydney if you really want to get protected from the harmful sun rays. Step out outside only when it is essentially required. 

This is the main tip that can be followed for ultimate protection. Take precautionary steps and prevent your body from getting darker skin due to sun damage.