Dog Board and Train
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Dog board & train programs are quite handy to owners. It’s because thor dogs get a chance to learn basic etiquettes and understand the real environment. Moreover, the programs are designed in a way that includes competitive safety. It’s said that animals can’t speak, but they can sense so many other things which humans feel. 

The Dog board & train institutes help pups to express their emotions with the actions they can easily do. Therefore, the program is a win-win situation for dogs & owners. Coming back to the article, it’s vital for owners to help their pets maintain their learning even if the training is over; otherwise, they can forget at a certain point in time. 

Type of Training & How to Make the Dogs Remember What Trainers have Taught 

The purpose of this article is not to differentiate bad & good training programs, but to educate the methods that an owner needs to make in their daily life to help their pooch to remember what the trainer has taught. 

➤Compulsion Training

One of the most common trainings advertised in every corner of the world. The trainer uses the e-collar & prong collars from the very beginning. This program is pretty quick and will probably stay for two weeks. Here, the dog is given commands, and they respond accordingly. When the behavior of a dog goes wrong, there is the possibility of punishment and rewards for good behavior. 

Generally, people are not in favor of this kind of strict program, but the ones who are looking for cheap training programs may enroll their pets. One can practice the commands at home as the trainer does. However, it’s one of the unfavorable methods to force the dog as it may end up with a scary or highly frustrated dog. When looking for a board and train near me, this program may pop up in front with less cost but not too healthy for dogs. 

➤Motivational Only Training

Another side of the program which is highly positive is the motivational training. It’s force-free training. It’s perfect for sensitive pets and has no punishment in case the dog behaves wrongly. The good habit will be taught repeatedly till the dog understands it clearly from the bottom of its heart. The program includes a lot of patience and is free of strict commands like the previous one. The learning of the dog will be maintained if the program stays for a few months, and simultaneously the pet owner should show some patience if anything wrong is done by their dog.

➤Mixed Methods

The last type of program is a mixed approach, where the trainer is a bit arctic when the dog is repeatedly showing unwanted behavior and helps the dog learn softly & positively. Sometimes dog owners are fed up with their dog behavior and want an ethical dog boarding and training near them that is slightly strict and mostly friendly. Just like when children are sent to school, teachers become strict when they are following the wrong route and reward them when they perform excellently. Maintaining the learning, the owner should follow the same practices as the trainer does, so that the dog is always on the right track. 

It’s better to discourage the force-training program as it is not beneficial for pets. Plus, talk to the trainers and learn a few tips from them to practice the learning at home.